Upgrade to ExtendSim 10


Available October 2, 2018

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience as we've been fine-tuning ExtendSim 10. It has taken us a bit longer than we anticipated, but it does take time to build a brilliant simulation tool.

We've done a complete re-write of the software incorporating hundreds of thousands of lines of code, added a laundry list of new features, updated the look and feel of the software, plus are introducing the first ever integrated reliability block diagramming tool in a simulation package!

Check out the complete list of new features in ExtendSim 10!


Upgrade Pricing

This pricing is for single user, Individual ExtendSim licenses. If your ExtendSim 9 Maintenance Plan is current, your upgrade is free. If you do not own a Maintenance Plan or your Plan is expired, your cost to upgrade to ExtendSim 10 is:

Upgrade from ExtendSim 9 to ExtendSim 10 >> CP 10 DE 10 Pro 10
Cost for new license $995 list $3495 list $4995 list
  continuous process modeling discrete event simulation discrete rate, reliability block diagramming, and other advanced technologies

ExtendSim CP 9 $399 W151-UCP $2999 W151-UDE $4599 W151-UPR
ExtendSim OR 9     $1199 W152-UDE $2499 W152-UPR
ExtendSim AT 9     $1199 W152-UDE $1399 * W152-UPR
ExtendSim Suite 9         $1399 * W153-UPR
  Upgrade to ExtendSim CP 10 Upgrade to ExtendSim DE 10 Upgrade to ExtendSim Pro 10

If upgrading from ExtendSim 8,
$200 $200 $200

Maintenance & Support Plan is included for first year! Cost in subsequent years will be... $199 W111-MCP $599 W112-MDE $899 W113-MPR

* Upgrade to ExtendSim Pro 10 from either ExtendSim Suite or ExtendSim AT for a limited time for just $1399! But hurry, the cost goes up on March 1, 2019.

Upgrade Notes

Here's what you need to know in a nutshell about the new ExtendSim product lineup and licensing types accompanying the new technology in 10 and how it compares to what you're accustomed to in earlier releases.

View online pdfdownloadFor more details, read the Upgrading to ExtendSim 10 document for complete details on what to expect during the upgrade process.


New Package LineUp


ExtendSim CPExtendSim CP

Continuous Process Modeling

A robust set of core features plus specialized constructs for modeling continuous processes.

ExtendSim CP 10 includes everything you're accustomed to in earlier versions like the Optimizer and Query Equation (Value library), plus now includes the Scenario Manager and the ability to exchange model data directly with Oracle databases.


ExtendSim DEExtendSim DE

Discrete Event Modeling

Adds a comprehensive message-based discrete event architecture and capabilities to ExtendSim CP.

This tool has everything you need for modeling discrete event processes: a robust message-based discrete event architecture, customizable attributes, rule-based routing, Query Equation (Item library), plus we've made substantial improvements to the Advanced Resource Management (ARM) component in ExtendSim DE 10.


ExtendSim ProExtendSim Pro

Advanced Simulation Technologies

Adds advanced simulation capabilities for specialized industries to ExtendSim DE.

The Pro package has all the extras. It still includes Stat::Fit and the Excel Add-In, plus we've moved the Rate library and LP solver to this package (it used to be in AT).

Big news for ExtendSim Pro 10 is the introduction of the first ever reliability block diagramming tool to be integrated with a simulation tool. Couple this with the power of discrete rate or discrete event modeling and watch your socks get knocked off!

** And for a limited time, we are offering an amazing deal on upgrades to ExtendSim Pro from either ExtendSim Suite or ExtendSim AT. Just $1399! But only through the end of February 2019. On March 1, 2019, the cost to upgrade to Pro from ExtendSim Suite will be $1699 and to upgrade to Pro from ExtendSim AT will be $2699. **


productadvisorIf you are upgrading to ExtendSim 10 and not sure which package to upgrade to, use the new ExtendSim Product Advisor.

Product Licensing Terminology


Individual, Floating, and Node-Locked Licenses

Individual • What was called a single user license is now referred to as an Individual license. The Individual license (just like its predecessor the single user license) is for exclusive use by one user.

Floating • Network licenses are now called Floating licenses. It is still a license for 2 or more concurrent users with centralized administration. With the Floating license's deployment flexibility you can easily add, assign, or reassign users at no cost plus track usage.

Node-Locked • The new Node-Locked license is for sequential use by multiple users on one computer.


Model Developer Editions

These are Full Versions of ExtendSim that let you build models. Model Developer Edition (MDE) ExtendSim products have the same core set of capabilities, just like full versions in earlier ExtendSim releases. In them you can create and build:

Models, blocks, and interfaces; change values and settings; run simulations and animations; do analysis and optimization; and save and export results.

Models to share with others to use in the Analysis RunTime, Player RunTime, and Student versions of ExtendSim.

Custom blocks and libraries.

Model Developer Editions can be Individual, Floating, or Node-Locked licenses of ExtendSim Pro, ExtendSim DE, or ExtendSim CP.


Specialized Licenses

Sidekicks to the Model Developer Editions, specialized ExtendSim products introduce you to the software and/or allow you to experiment with, optimize, or run analysis on models built in an MDE.

Trial • The old Demo version of ExtendSim has been replaced by the Trial version. It's 30 days to try-before-you-buy the Model Developer Edition of any ExtendSim package without any limitations - except the time restraint of course. The Trial version can then be activated into a fully licensed product.

Analysis RunTime • Use Analysis RunTime for the experimentation, optimization, and analysis of model built in MDEs.

Player RunTime • Show and run an ExtendSim model in the Player RunTime. (Available in early 2019)

ASPExtendSim ASP is for web-based analysis. Enter data and obtain simulation results on a computer, tablet, or smartphone via a user-defined form that accesses the simulation power of ExtendSim ASP.

OEM • The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license is for system builders who want to embed the simulation power of ExtendSim or ExtendSim technologies within their own applications.


When not to upgrade to 10

If you are using the 3D capabilities in ExtendSim Suite, we recommend you stick with ExtendSim Suite 9 as the 3D functionality has not yet been integrated into ExtendSim 10.

If your computer has a 32-bit processor, stick with ExtendSim 9. ExtendSim 10 requires a 64-bit processor to run properly.