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Note: If you're already an ExtendSim user, the pdf versions of these documents were been installed in the ExtendSim Documentation folder when you installed ExtendSim. 

QuickStart Guides

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Continuous Process QuickStart Guide pdfdownload  View online Video
Discrete Event QuickStart Guide pdfdownload  View online Video
Discrete Rate QuickStart Guide pdfdownload  View online Video

Reference Guides

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User Reference pdfdownload  View online
The ExtendSim User Reference has a lot of information you will find helpful when building, using, and presenting models. How To chapters cover general modeling and simulation topics such as:
• Using libraries and blocks
• Performing analysis
• Enhancing presentations
• Creating a user interface
• Using equation-based blocks
• And much more
Product specific chapters in the User Reference discuss advanced modeling topics and technologies. And Appendices in the User Reference list and explain menu commands and all the ExtendSim libraries are described block by block.
Technical Reference pdfdownload  View online
You probably won’t build your own blocks, but ExtendSim does make it possible to build components with custom behavior. The Technical Reference describes the ExtendSim integrated development environment (IDE) -- the API, source code editor, compiler, dialog editor, graphical UI builder -- which makes it easy to modify blocks, develop custom features, and create new blocks with custom code, dialogs, and icons. It lists over 1,000 functions and has information about using include files and other programming tools.
Database Tutorial & Reference pdfdownload  View online
This internal relational database provides model developers with a systematic way to manage information for the model and makes models scalable.
Advanced Resource Management Tutorial & Reference pdfdownload   
ARM is a sophisticated architecture for systematically dealing with multiple types of resources and a model’s complex resource requirements.
Reliability Tutorial & Reference pdfdownload View online 
Graphically capture and validate complex availability behavior. Determine when scheduled and unscheduled downs occur for individual resources and what impact that has on the availability of the system as a whole.
Upgrading to ExtendSim 10 pdfdownload View online
This document covers requirements, the new product lineup, typical upgrade paths, installation and activation, and specific information for converting models and libraries to ExtendSim 10.


License Agreement

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ExtendSim License Agreement pdfdownload  View online


Installation Instructions

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Installing an Individual ExtendSim license pdfdownload  View online
Installing & Activating ExtendSim Floating Licenses pdfdownload View online
Installing & Activating Analysis RunTime Floating Licenses pdfdownload View online