ExtendSim Products

ExtendSimExtendSim consists of a full range of tools for any type of simulation. No matter how you want to use ExtendSim - building models, running models, analysis, etc. - there is a license that will fit your needs.

There are ExtendSim licenses for building, experimenting with, and analyzing models - Model Developer Editions - and more specialized licenses designed strictly for running models, analyzing models, or for use as a learning tool. Figure out which license might work best for you based on how you intend to use ExtendSim by visiting User Types.


MDEs Model Developer Editions

Create, use, and interactively run models, build custom interfaces and components, exchange data with and control/by controlled by other applications.

Each Model Developer Edition (MDE) ExtendSim product has the same core set of capabilities. In them you can create and build:

Models and interfaces, change values and settings, run simulations and animations, perform experiments, do analysis and optimization, save and export results.

Models to share with others to use in the Analysis RunTime, Player RunTime, ASP, Student, and in other MDE versions of ExtendSim.

Custom blocks and libraries.

Available for purchase through the ExtendSim Store or as a free 30-day trial.

Available packages:


ExtendSim CPExtendSim CP

Continuous Process Modeling

Learn more about ExtendSim CPA robust set of core features plus specialized constructs for modeling continuous processes.


ExtendSim DEExtendSim DE

Discrete Event Simulation

Learn more about ExtendSim DEAdds a comprehensive message-based discrete event architecture and capabilities to ExtendSim CP.


ExtendSim ProExtendSim Pro

Advanced Simulation Technologies

Learn more about ExtendSim ProAdds capabilities to ExtendSim DE that go far beyond the typical continuous or discrete event capabilities of other simulation applications.



Not sure which package might work best for you? Try the ExtendSim Product Advisor.


MDE packages are available as Individual, Floating, and Node-Locked Licenses.


Specialized Specialized ExtendSim Products

These ExtendSim products allow you to experiment with, optimize, and/or run analysis on models built in a Model Developer Edition (MDE).

Learn more about ExtendSim Analysis RunTimeAnalysis RunTime -- The ExtendSim Analysis RunTime license is a cost-effective way to access advanced ExtendSim functionality, without having to purchase the full version of ExtendSim. Like the Player RunTime, you can run and change model parameters, but with the Analysis RunTime you can save changes you make and export the results to other ExtendSim models or other applications for further analysis. ExtendSim Analysis RunTime is only available through the ExtendSim Store. specialized player

Player RunTime -- Run ExtendSim models and view results. (Available late 2019)

ASP (Application Service Provider) -- Learn more about ExtendSim ASP This cloud-based, self-hosted version of ExtendSim allows you to provide multiple end-users with remote access to ExtendSim functionality without installing the ExtendSim application on their devices. Using a frontend application (web page in a browser, ExtendSim ASP Excel Add-in, or a standalone application) as the user interface, end users submit simulation scenarios to ExtendSim and receive results on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. A self-hosting service application coordinates all communication and data transfer between the frontend and ExtendSim; end user access can be over a LAN or over the internet or other WAN. The ASP license allows end users who have no simulation experience to benefit from the full power of ExtendSim.



Other Products

Support Plans and Custom Licenses

Supporting and proliferating ExtendSim, other ExtendSim products enhance your modeling experience.

Annual Maintenance & Support -- Learn more about ExtendSim Maintenance & Support PlansMaintenance and Support Plans (MSPs) are annual plans that are required for all ExtendSim products except Trial, Analysis RunTime, and Player RunTime.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) -- OEM LicenseThe OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license is for system builders who want to embed the simulation power of ExtendSim or ExtendSim technologies within their own applications. This license gives you the customized right to use and/or sell your product bundled with ExtendSim or ExtendSim technologies under your branded name. Please contact Imagine That Inc. for a personalized quote based on your intended usage.