Player RunTime

ExtendSim Player RunTime is not yet available. We hope to have it available for use in late 2019.

Though you won't be able to build or save models in the Player RunTime, you will be able to:

Interactively run a model built in an MDE.

Change model settings.

View animation.

Get results.

COM to control ExtendSim.

It's a great introduction to simulation and ExtendSim. And it's a free download.


Capabilities and Limitations of the Player RunTime

There are no limits to the size of the model you can run in the Player RunTime, how long the runs are, or how long you can use the license (this is not an expiring type of license).

Interactively run models and change model settings.

The Player RunTime can call COM DLLs.

Includes RunTime versions of all ExtendSim libraries.

Can run Reliability models with an unlimited number of event cycles.

Limitations: The Player RunTime can only do a single run of any model. It does not allow the building of models or of blocks, change the configuration of a model, importing model parameters, or exporting model results. It can only read RunTime versions of libraries (those with .lbrrt suffix), not standard libraries (with .lbr suffix). To unlock some of these limitations, use the Analysis RunTime.



Each ExtendSim Player RunTime license is a perpetual license that permits one person (the “Authorized User”) to install and use ExtendSim on their computer.

You may not install the ExtendSim Player RunTime on a server, allow others to access its use or functionality, include it on a CD or any other media, nor post it online. The Player RunTime is simply for viewing and running pre-built models.


btn down arrowDownloading Player RunTime

Will be available as a free download in 2019.