ExtendSim Support

Imagine That Inc. is committed to get you started modeling right away and keep you modeling. Quick Start Guides, videos, example models, and more are in place to help you get up to speed to quickly.

If you find you do need help with your modeling project, start with:

1 Quick Start Guides, Videos, & Example Models

Available any time you are using ExtendSim. Link to all via the Getting Started control panel that opens when you launch ExtendSim. Quick Start Guides have step-by-step tutorials and models that show you how to build, run, and analyze ExtendSim models.

Or go straight to the ExtendSim Learning Center for the complete Quick Start Guide video series and links to pdf's of the guides plus lots more.

2ExtendSim User and Technical References plus ExtendSim Help System

All ExtendSim products contain electronic files of manuals and guides - look in the ExtendSim Documentation folder. Or download ExtendSim documentation here.

The ExtendSim User Reference takes the next step after the Quick Start Guides. It provides further details on ExtendSim technologies and its advanced simulation features.

The Technical Reference reveals the ExtendSim integrated development environment (IDE) so that you can create, modify, and debug ExtendSim blocks.

Plus, utilize the extensive Help system built into ExtendSim, including tool tips, block help, and menu commands.

3Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are someone has already had the same question you have. Check our comprehensive knowledgebase of Frequently Asked Questions first.

4Online Forums & Blogs

Support via our online user group, the ExtendSim Exchange, is available 24/7. Additional support can be found online through this web site, videos, and blogs. Check the Social Networking page for descriptions and links to each site.


Initiating a Support Ticket

To make sure you're successful, Imagine That Inc. provides users with free download, installation, and setup support for all ExtendSim packages. As long as your annual Maintenance and Support Plan (MSP) remains current, we're happy to extend that support to cover basic usage, guidance, troubleshooting, and more to keep your modeling project on track. If your MSP has expired or your package does not include an MSP (for example you're using Analysis RunTime or ExtendSim Student), you may purchase assistance on a Per-Incident basis.

To initiate a Support Ticket, complete the form below and your question will be routed to a Simulation Engineer.

Note: Before completing this form, please check to be sure you are using the latest build. If you are not on the latest build, please download and install the latest update before contacting support as your problem may have already been resolved.

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