Which type of ExtendSim license best suits my needs?

Determine which User Type describes you best, then follow across to see which license or combination of licenses will work for you.

  User Type Single User License Network License Analysis RunTime ASP License Student

Frequent or "power-user" use for building and running models        
Routine or normal use for building and running models      
Occasional, part-time, or one-time use for building and running models      
Single user on one computer to build and run models        
Single user on one computer to run models built by others - no or limited model building      
Multiple users on one computer, one at a time        
Multiple users on multiple computers, simultaneously/concurrently        
Student use for coursework  
Evaluation of ExtendSim, when the free Demo version is not sufficient        
Off-load extensive model analysis runs to a separate computer        
Provide access to ExtendSim functionality over the internet or intranet to those who don't have ExtendSim
Note: requires programming
. For maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness, most companies employ a mix of Single-User and Network licenses.
. Companies who want to provide ExtendSim functionality to outside customers over the internet purchase the ASP license.

Named - Single User

Products available as single user licenses include:

Full-featured products

Analysis RunTime

ExtendSim Student



Each ExtendSim single user license is designed to be utilized by a single user on a single computer.

The user is also granted the right to install ExtendSim on a portable or home computer, provided the computers are not used simultaneously.

Download Single User License Agreement.


All ExtendSim products include electronic versions of the ExtendSim User Guide and Developer Reference.


Full-featured products - after a 60 day complimentary support period, assistance from our support staff is available either under an annual Maintenance Plan or on a Per-Incident basis. Technical assistance for installation questions or bug reports related to the current release is complimentary.

Limited products - our support staff will provide complimentary technical assistance for installation questions or bug reports related to the current release.


Full-featured products - upgrades to new versions are fee-based unless you opt for the Maintenance Plan.

Limited products - there is no upgrade path.

Purchasing an ExtendSim Single User License

ExtendSim single user licenses may be downloaded through the ExtendSim Store, ordered directly through Imagine That Inc., or from your local ExtendSim reseller.

Concurrent User - Network

Concurrent user licenses allow a specified number of simultaneous ExtendSim users in a network environment.

Full-featured products are the only ExtendSim products available as concurrent user licenses.


A Network License must be installed and used within a single, specified continent: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, or South America. (Global Licenses are also available. Please contact Imagine That Inc. for pricing and availability.)

Use over the internet is prohibited. See the ExtendSim ASP license if you wish to provide access to ExtendSim over the internet.

Download Network License Agreement.


All ExtendSim products include electronic versions of the ExtendSim User Guide and Developer Reference.

Support & Upgrades

Network Licenses include a Maintenance Plan which includes upgrades and technical support. Maintenance is billed annually at 20% of the cost of a then-current license at the time of renewal.

License Management

A single central server must be used as the License Server. License Manager software is installed on the Server, is TCP/IP based, and runs as a service. The ExtendSim application and files are installed on either individual Client computers (typical) or on the Server (atypical).

The License Manager automatically maintains the number of concurrent users to the maximum permitted by your ExtendSim License Agreement. When one Client computer finishes use, the license is returned to the pool for use by another Client computer. The ExtendSim Network License Manager also:

Allows remote or mobile users to export or "check out" a license from the network for off-line usage (such as for a laptop taken off site) while maintaining adherence to the Network License Agreement.

Gives information on the number, location, and identity of current Client users.

Provides utilization statistics so you can determine if the appropriate size license is being used.

Notifies you when your maintenance renewal date has been reached.

Allows you to add more users without reinstalling the ExtendSim application or license management software.

Purchasing an ExtendSim Network License

The Network License is a custom license so is not available for purchase through the ExtendSim Store.

In the US, Imagine That Inc. is the sole source for network licenses.

Outside the US, please contact your local ExtendSim reseller.

Specialized Licenses

Analysis RunTime

Analysis RunTimeThe ExtendSim Analysis RunTime license is a cost-effective way to access advanced ExtendSim functionality, without having to purchase the full version of ExtendSim.

Click here to learn more about the ExtendSim Analysis RunTime license.


ASP (Application Service Provider)
Web-Based Analysis

ExtendSim ASPAn ExtendSim ASP license gives the licensee the right to access or to provide access to the functionality of ExtendSim over the internet or an intranet through a front end (wrapper) application.

Click here to learn more about the ExtendSim ASP license.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

OEM ExtendSimThe OEM license is for system builders who want to embed the simulation power of ExtendSim within their own applications. This license gives you the customized right to use and/or sell your product bundled with ExtendSim under your branded name.

Click here to learn more about OEMing ExtendSim.

Custom License Rights

Custom licenses to distribute ExtendSim Student with a textbook are available. See the Academic Programs page for more details.