ExtendSim Suite

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ExtendSim Suite

The ExtendSim Suite 3D environment is independent of, but integrated with, the logical model - 3D animation can be added after the model has been validated. The objects modeled in the 3D world maintain information about their spatial locations in three dimensions as well as their other physical and behavioral properties.

This package includes all the features and capabilities of ExtendSim AT, plus a fully integrated, flexible, and powerful 3D environment. Use ExtendSim Suite whenever modeling projects call for professional animation.

3D virtual environment, tightly integrated with simulation engine

Animations run concurrently with simulation or buffered for post-processing

Over 100 pre-built 3D objects; new objects can be added as needed

Exact control of animation object's position, scale, and collidability

3D objects can be mounted on other objects

Objects can have their own animated movement

3D animation blocks enhance 3D animation

Create custom paths for object movement and mount 3D objects on other objects

Shadows, footprints, vehicle trails, and 3D sound

Complete control over terrain environment

Open API for flexibility and customization

Plus, all the features and capabilities of ExtendSim AT