ExtendSim Features

ExtendSim is a modular application. Each package in the ExtendSim family of simulation tools offers the same core set of high-end features. Packages differ based on added functionality. These are just a few of the capabilities packed into ExtendSim products.

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Integrated relational databases for data management and control Play Video
Value library module for continuous modeling
Electronic engineering module
Statistical analysis components
Item library for discrete event modeling  
Material handling components  
Rate module for rate-based flow systems    
Integrated Stat::Fit application - fit data to a distribution  
3D enabled modeling components    

Quick Start control panel provides quick and easy access to recently opened models, starting new models, viewing example models and videos, plus more.
Graphical interface depicts relationships in modeled system
Animation - built-in and customizable 2D
Authoring environment for creating custom user interfaces
Unlimited hierarchical layers and submodels
Clone essential parameters and results to centralized location for better model management
Link data and table to graphical simulation database
Interact with model during simulation run
Equation Editor window to view, enter, and edit equations
Drag and drop interface for controlling a model
Smart connectors for intelligent line control
Shift-click support to access multiple features
Animation of objects moving through model  
Model verification tools with a mouse-click  
Manage units for rate-based systems  
Animated flow conveyor density and accumulation  
3D editor for creating virtual environments    

Integrated relational databases for data management and control
COM/ActiveX - control of and by other applications
Exchange data via the Internet
Built-in import and export support for common external databases with ADO Database support
ODBC/SQL direct linking to external databases
Agent Based and State/Action models
Scalability - build, view,and run models of any size
Add buttons with hyperlinks on the model worksheet to simplify operations
Customize dialogs
Attributes, values, priorities attachable to items
Random number generation
Over 35 built-in distributions
Customizable queuing algorithms  
Library of pre-built templates for common modeling situations  
Message-based discrete event architecture  
Initialize queues at simulation start  
String, value, and database item attributes  
Discrete rate simulations for high speed processes  
Integrated and unlimited setpoints for rate-based systems  
Cutting edge 3D animation of your process    

Evolutionary Optimizer - fully integrated
Statistical analysis with confidence intervals
Quantile and Interval statistics
Hot link interactively to MS Excel
Warm-up period with statistical clearing
Sensitivity analysis for exploring alternatives
Confidence intervals
Statistics (DB) Report consolidates final values for output parameters
Activity Based Costing for financial outcomes  
Easily summarize statistics for queues, activities, and resources  
Detailed information on activity states  
Track items and their states throughout a model with Item Logging  
Scenario Manager - Design and run experiments on models  
Advanced Resource Management (ARM) - Maximize resource utilization  
Sophisticated tools to search a database table for the best record  
Gantt charts for analyzing system components  
Import fitted distributions directly from Stat::Fit  

Development environment optimized for simulation
Build libraries of new blocks and components in any field
Call DLLs and Shared Libraries written in other languages
Compiled for speed with over 1,000 functions
Create wizards for tasks or to interact with users
Interactive source code debugger with watchpoints
Open source libraries of blocks
Exposed database API
Open source discrete event technology  
Advanced LP solver technology  
Exposed 3D animation API    
Extensive online Help
Get up to speed rapidly with a detailed model-building tutorials
More than 100 example models from a wide variety of industries
Online tips & techniques
Free Trial version to run models