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Once you try ExtendSim, you will be hooked! It is the most powerful and flexible simulation software tool available.

License Types
License TypesWhat type of ExtendSim user are you? Find the type of licnese that is right for you.
ExtendSim Features
All ExtendSim products share the same core set of high-end features. Packages differ based on functionality.

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Full-featured productsFull-featured products

Full-featured products are available as single user (stand-alone) and concurrent user (network) licenses. All ExtendSim full-featured products have the same core set of capabilities. ExtendSim CP is the base package and is used for continuous modeling. Subsequent packages add modules designed for specific markets.

ExtendSim CPExtendSim CP
Continuous Process
Our base product and the cornerstone of the ExtendSim family of simulation tools. It has a set of core features that are included in all ExtendSim products, plus specialized constructs for modeling continuous processes.

ExtendSim ATExtendSim AT
Advanced Technology
Our advanced technology product, ExtendSim AT is designed for the modeling and analysis of complex systems. Adds advanced discrete event and discrete rate modeling to ExtendSim OR.

ExtendSim SuiteExtendSim Suite
Professional 3D environment
Adds next generation 3D animation technology to ExtendSim AT, providing a three-dimensional representation of the world of the model.
System Requirements
License Options License Options

ExtendSim Product Information (6.53 MB)
Describes ExtendSim full-featured products, including capabilities, uses, and pricing, in one downloadable document.

Limited & specialty productsLimited products

ExtendSim Demo CD Demo (Evaluation version of all ExtendSim products)
Build, but not save small models; run models for unlimited time.
Free download

ExtendSim DemoThe Demo is a limited version of ExtendSim designed for those want to:

bullet Evaluate the ExtendSim line of products
bullet Run models built by others

The ExtendSim Demo is available as a free download. It includes a limited version of ExtendSim featuring all four products, plus electronic versions of the ExtendSim manuals, example models, and video tutorials that illustrate ExtendSim capabilities.

The ExtendSim Demo application has many capabilities. For example, you can:

bullet Explore the features and capabilities of the four ExtendSim products (ExtendSim Suite, ExtendSim AT, ExtendSim OR, and ExtendSim CP)
bullet Use it as a Player to run models of any size and view simulation results
bullet Build (but not save) small models (75 blocks or less)
bullet Change (but not save) parameters in any size model
bullet Add or remove blocks and change connection lines in existing small models (75 blocks or less; additions and changes are not saved)*
* Full versions of the ExtendSim products allow you to build models of any size, save changes to existing models and save the models themselves, print model worksheets, and use scripting to automatically construct a model.

Although the following capabilities are available in the full version, with the Demo you cannot:

bullet Save models you build.
bullet Save changes to existing models.
bullet Print model worksheets.
bullet Use scripting or ActiveX automation to run or construct a model. (If you would like this capability, see the Analysis RunTime license.)

Demo example models

When you launch ExtendSim Demo, the Getting Started window appears. Use it to:

bullet Learn how to run and build ExtendSim models through video clips, example models, and tutorials.
bullet Explore sample models discovering ExtendSim capabilities such as 3D animation, linking to internal databases for data storage and management, optimization, hierarchy, built-in authoring environment, activity-based costing, resource management, etc.
bullet Determine which ExtendSim product is right for you: ExtendSim Suite, ExtendSim AT, ExtendSim OR, or ExtendSim CP.

As your evaluation progresses, ExtendSim Help is available at every step:

bullet The ExtendSim User Guide and Developer Reference are available as electronic files. (Printed manuals are available for purchase through the ExtendSim Store.)
bullet ExtendSim help – in-product help such as block help and tool tips plus
FAQs and support pages.
bullet Networking – find ExtendSim user forums, networks, and blogs.


Download License AgreementThe ExtendSim Demo is licensed only for your personal use on a single computer. A License Agreement restricts its use, deployment, and distribution. Among other restrictions, you may not install the ExtendSim Demo on a server, allow others to access its use or functionality, include the Demo on a CD or any other media, nor post the Demo online. See the ExtendSim License Agreement for complete terms.

Analysis RunTime Analysis RunTime
Run and use models for experimentation, optimization, and analysis

Analysis RunTimeThe Analysis RunTime license is a cost-effective way to access ExtendSim functionality without having to purchase the full version of ExtendSim. An Analysis RunTime license is useful in cases where:

1 Someone else has developed a model using a full version of ExtendSim and you just want to experiment with that model – change settings, run simulations, save changes, view results, and print... OR
2 You want subsidiary computers to perform time-intensive experiments, optimization, and analysis on models built in the full version of ExtendSim. (Plus, with programming, you can remotely start the models running and/or automatically send results back to your primary computer)... OR
3 A front end user interface application uses ExtendSim as the back end application and both applications run on the same computer. (Use the ASP version of ExtendSim to do this over the Internet or an intranet.)

Note the following:


This is a Single-User license, for a person's own use on a single computer. An ExtendSim ASP license is required if you want to distribute ExtendSim functionality to multiple users or use over an intranet or internet.

bullet Models must have been developed in a full version of ExtendSim.

ExtendSim has the hooks to allow it to be controlled as an Automation (ActiveX/COM) server. You can use a programming language such as Visual Basic to cause ExtendSim models to run and send data remotely or communicate with a front end user interface.

bullet Analysis RunTime licenses are available for Windows only.

Download License AgreementLicensing

See the ExtendSim License Agreement for complete terms.

Buy NowPricing

Cost is $495 per license. Each license can be installed on 1 computer, so multiple computers require multiple licenses.

ExtendSim Student Student (Limited version of ExtendSim for academic use)
Build and save small models for a limited time

ExtendSim StudentThis version is designed for students building models for classwork. It allows students to:

bullet Build and save small (75 blocks or less) models for a limited time (180 days).
bullet Run larger models, change parameters, view simulation results, and save the changes.
bullet Print model worksheet, block dialogs, and so forth.

However, there are some limitations:

bullet The models you build are limited to a maximum of 75 blocks.
bullet The model-building capability expires 180 days after installation.
bullet You may not use scripting or ActiveX automation to run or construct a model.
bullet This version is licensed only for your personal use on a single computer.
bullet The Student version may not be used for commercial purposes, including consulting or research that is subsidized by a private or government enterprise.
bullet There is no upgrade path and technical support is limited to installation questions.

Download License AgreementLicensing

See the ExtendSim License Agreement for complete terms.

Buy ExtendSim LT now!Purchasing Student Version

The Student version may be purchased from the ExtendSim Store.

Discounts for use with certain textbooks and for ExtendSim Adopters are available. Please see the Academic section of our web site.

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Other productsOther products
Annual Maintenance Plan and Custom Licenses

Note: Pricing on these products may vary outside the USA.

Maintenance & Support Plan
Support and upgrades for ExtendSim licenses

Maintenance Plan The annual ExtendSim Maintenance Plan supports your software investment so you can stay current, be more productive, and reduce costs. ExtendSim licenses with Maintenance enjoy these benefits:

. bullet Technical support for ExtendSim*
  bullet Major upgrades to newer versions
  bullet The convenience of annual budgeting

The ExtendSim Maintenance Plan is offered as an annual contract, making support costs affordable and predictable over a 12-month period – enhancing long-range budgeting and planning for software and technology. (Being ahead of the game is always cool.) Combine this with no-cost upgrades, you have the ultimate software maintenance program.

Maintenance Plans must be renewed on an annual basis to continue receiving support, upgrades, discounts, and other special offers. If you own a single-user ExtendSim license and have not yet purchased the Maintenance Plan, registered ExtendSim users can still add Maintenance within 60 days of the product purchase date. A Maintenance Plan is required for network licenses; it is optional for single user licenses.

All maintenance fees are payable in advance and non-refundable; shipping and handling charges for all releases are included.


QuestionHow do I get an ExtendSim Maintenance Plan

Concurrent-user (network) licenses of ExtendSim – the annual Maintenance Plan is required. Maintenance includes new releases, enhancements, incident resolution, other benefits (such as replacement License Keys subject to approval by Imagine That!). Maintenance for the first year is automatically included when a Network License is purchased. It must be renewed annually after the first year.

Single-user (stand alone) licenses of ExtendSim – an annual Maintenance Plan for support and upgrades is optional but highly recommended. When you purchase or upgrade ExtendSim (or within 60 days of that event), you have the option to purchase an ExtendSim Maintenance Plan. Each subsequent year, the registered end user or license administrator of the ExtendSim license will be notified by email that renewal of the Maintenance Plan is due. (Please keep us informed if there is a change in end user or license administrator as late or missed payments are subject to reinstatement fees.)


QuestionHow much does an ExtendSim Maintenance Plan cost

The annual fee for the Maintenance Plan is based on the ExtendSim package you are purchasing (both single user and network) or upgrading (single user only) and the number of users (network licenses only).



  ExtendSim CP

Single User
Maintenance Plan
(price per license)

Annual fee
Part No Windows
Concurrent Users
Maintenance Plan
(price per user per year)
Annual fee
Part No Windows
W222-RNW W223-RNW W224-RNW

If you own multiple ExtendSim licenses, each license will need its own Maintenance Plan. Maintenance fees can be prorated so your renewal date is the same for each license and, hence, we can provide you with a combined invoice for all your licenses and a single CD containing software upgrades shipped to a single location within your company as specified by you.

Annual fees must be paid within 30 days of renewal date or the Maintenance Plan for that license is subject to reinstatement charges.


QuestionWhat services does the support portion of the Maintenance Plan cover?

. bullet Assistance for software download, installation, and setup.
  bullet General guidance regarding ExtendSim features and usage.
  bullet Referrals to example models and documentation to explain concepts and features.
  bullet Simple sample models on a limited basis.
  bullet Answering questions related to documentation or example models.
  bullet An overview of methods to achieve efficient and optimal model performance.
  bullet Basic assistance in troubleshooting unexpected model behavior.

For questions that indicate consulting or training assistance is needed (such as how to approach model building, a need for extensive model debugging, and help with writing or debugging custom code), we will refer you to the appropriate trainer and/or consultant.

For third-party applications that communicate with ExtendSim, we are glad to convey any knowledge that we have, but we cannot provide comprehensive support for another vendor's software.


QuestionPer-Incident SupportWhat if I decide to not purchase a Maintenance Plan

If a Maintenance Plan is NOT purchased for the license:

. bullet The Imagine That Inc. support staff will provide complimentary technical assistance for installation questions or bug reports related to the current release.
. bullet

The support staff will provide complimentary assistance for basic usage questions and troubleshooting for a limited time*. This support expires 60 days after the purchase of a new product or upgrade. (A Maintenance Plan may be purchased during this period.)

  bullet For usage questions and troubleshooting after the first 60 days, purchase support on a per-incident basis; each incident is a discussion and resolution of one issue. Per-Incident Support can be purchased from our sales staff or through the ExtendSim Store.
  bullet If you do not purchase a Maintenance Plan, upgrades to newer versions of ExtendSim are available for purchase.

* Technical support covers basic usage questions (references and limited guidance pertaining to basic software features and usage), troubleshooting (guidance in exploring unexpected behavior related to documented features), replacement Network License keys, and replacement download link for single user licenses. Technical support does not cover consulting services such as model building, writing or debugging custom code, or debugging complex models.

ExtendSim ASP ASP (Application Service Provider) / SaaS (Software as a Service)
Provide access to ExtendSim functionality over the internet or intranet

ExtendSim ASPAn ASP (aka SaaS) license gives the licensee the right to access (or in the case of service providers, to provide access to) the full functionality of ExtendSim over an intranet or the internet typically via a user-defined form utilizing a customized license of ExtendSim AT.

An ExtendSim ASP license is a great solution for organizations who:

bullet Want the benefits and capabilities of simulation without deploying ExtendSim licenses to end users
bullet Prefer centralized control and management of ExtendSim models
bullet Choose to access the functionality of ExtendSim via an intranet or the internet
bullet Have few or no end users with simulation interest or expertise
bullet Prefer an Application Service Provider (ASP) or Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to software licensing.
(Note: The ExtendSim application cannot be run as a background service.)

The ExtendSim ASP license is typically used in combination with a front end interface (wrapper environment) developed either by the licensee organization or by a third party. The wrapper environment uses a COM interface to send data to ExtendSim, run a model, and retrieve results. It accesses the functionality of ExtendSim while presenting end users with a standardized front end, across multiple models, for data entry and the reporting of results. The combination of an ExtendSim ASP license with a wrapper environment has the advantages of remote access via the web, centralized feature updating, and lower learning curves for non-modelers.

Note: The licensee is responsible for developing any wrapper environment or front end interface.


The ExtendSim ASP license is priced per Server. An unlimited number of models is permitted per Server; however, each model may only be run by one end user at a time.


Prices start at $5000. Please contact Imagine That Inc. for a personalized quote based on your intended usage.


There is an annual renewal fee for ASP licenses after the first year. The renewal fee is 20% of the original purchase price.

OEM OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Embed ExtendSim in your application

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license is for system builders who want to embed the simulation power of ExtendSim or ExtendSim technologies within their own applications. This license gives you the customized right to use and/or sell your product bundled with ExtendSim or ExtendSim technologies under your branded name.


Please contact Imagine That Inc. for a personalized quote based on your intended usage.

Right to Distribute
Include ExtendSim Student

Supplement your book with example models implemented in ExtendSim demonstrating concepts you've outlined in your book. Allow your readers to view, run, and experiment with the models, by including a Student version of the ExtendSim software. The Student version will also allow your readers to save changes made to the pre-built models, build small models, and print models.

Contact Imagine That Inc. for details about obtaining a unique coupon code for readers of your book to download ExtendSim Student from our online store at drastically reduced prices.

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