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The essential tool for researching operational performance, ExtendSim OR features a message-based discrete event architecture and capabilities. Use ExtendSim OR to track and analyze the behavior of physical or logical entities when events cause them to change state or move through a system.

An integral part of Lean, Six Sigma, Risk and Throughput Analysis, and Capacity Planning projects, ExtendSim OR is designed for simulating, analyzing, and optimizing discrete event systems, plus has all the features and continuous modeling capabilities of ExtendSim CP.

bullet Graphical, interactive, simulation package for general purpose discrete event and continuous modeling
bullet Robust message-based discrete event architecture for intuitive modeling
bullet Priorities, preemption, reneging, jockeying, blocking, and balking
bullet Customizable attributes and rule-based routing
bullet Batch and unbatch items for processing
bullet Statistical analysis with confidence intervals
bullet Warm-up periods with statistical clearing
bullet Shifts for controlling resources and activities
bullet Resource pools for optimizing constraints
bullet Customizable queuing algorithms
bullet Item templates for fast model building
bullet Plus all the core ExtendSim features (databases, data linking, hierarchy, interactivity, and so forth).