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Posted: Thu May 19, 2005 12:00 am
by Anonymous
Hello I am a student and I am having some problems with the program. My model is flow in the beggining and at some point it becomes descrete event. At that point I have a Flow to Item block with a value shedule block connected in connector A. Thats because the amount per item changes in time, it is 0,1 for the first 4 hours 0,065 for the next 4 hours and 0,55 for the next 4 hours and it continues in a loop. Then I have a queue fifo and a machine and then i have a get attribute block and a select de outpout (5). I have connected these two blocks with a conversion table so when i have 0,1 in flow to item amount per item, it will go in the first output (0) when there is 0,65 it will go in the second (1) and the other to the third. Thats all working fine for the first run which is 12 hours but when i run the model for 24 hours it doesnt follow the correct route and the items who are 0,1 go from the third route not the first. The rest go according to plan. Anyone knows why this is happening and if this is a bug?