Page 8 - Upgrading to ExtendSim 10
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After Launching ES10
 Be sure you have read the instructions on page 3 before launching ES10 if you:
  
Things to notice when you first launch ES10
 ExtendSim 10 starts with a Getting Started model with two tabs: 
 Other obvious changes:
  
 
Check out the new documentation and video tutorials
 To quickly get up to speed, we suggest you at least go through the first few chapters, and/or the corresponding video, of any relevant Quick Start Guide.
Opening models and hierarchical blocks built in prior releases
   
 If your model opens with a blue rectangle replacing one or more graphic objects, it is because ES10 is unable to properly convert the graphic. The graphic could be an entire or partial block’s icon or a picture on the model worksheet or notebook. In a few cases, versions prior to 10 saved pictures internally in a format that ES 10 cannot convert. The only way to fix this is to manually replace the graphic with the original or a new graphic object. See the User Reference for a list of supported file formats.
page 9.
Have created custom blocks in ExtendSim
Saved hierarchical blocks in a library and the hierarchical block contains pre-release 7 blocks
Use date and/or color functions in Equation blocks
The Getting Started tab has Quick Start Guides, Videos, tutorial models, example models, and much more.
The Upgrading to ES10 tab has links to all the new features and to an online flipbook of this document.
There is a new Tools menu and toolbars at the top and sides of the worksheet
Library windows now automatically open when libraries open.
Menu commands have been reorganized. In some instances, previous commands (such
as those in the Text menu) have been replaced by toolbars.
The Navigator is now just for navigating through a model’s hierarchical layers. The
Database List and Library Windows are separate commands and windows.
Because the options have been revised and updated, you will need to restate any custom
preferences. Do this in the Edit > Options menu.
Depending on the product, you will see new Chart, Report, and Reliability libraries; see
Even if you are accustomed to using ExtendSim, release 10 has new features and changes that will impact how you build
models and use the application.
The User Reference and Technical Reference have been updated and reorganized for ES10. In addition, there are several
new eBooks and video tutorials that ship with ExtendSim. See page 11 for details.
If your models use libraries with custom blocks (other than hierarchical blocks), read the instructions on page 12
BEFORE moving those libraries into the ES10 folders and before opening any model files in ES10.
If you have saved a hierarchical block (HBlock) in a library, and the HBlock contains blocks from a release prior to 7, see
the warning on the next page.
When models from prior releases are opened in ES10, they are copied and converted to a new format and “-ES10” is
appended to their names.
To maintain your existing (pre-10) models, either save the converted model with that modified name (ending in -ES10)
or rename the converted model to the same name as the original and save it to a different location.

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