Page 7 - Upgrading to ExtendSim 10
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Use the "Save Activation Info as Text File" button on the error message to generate a text file (ExtendSim
Activation Info.txt) that contains the activation information. You can save the text file anywhere you want;
it is saved by default to the top level of your Documents folder.
Using an email address that can receive an attached text file in return, email the text file
We will generate a text file named ExtendSim.lic and email it to you. (Note: Depending on the day and
time we get the information, it may take up to 3 days for us to email you the ExtendSim.lic text file.)
Place the ExtendSim.lic text file in your Documents/ExtendSim folder. (Place it at the same level as the
ExtendSim.ini file, not inside the Documentation folder!)
Restart ExtendSim and you’ll be activated!
 Activations are tied to your customer account.
Activating other licenses
 Licenses other than the Individual license are activated using different methods than described above.
 See the website at for installation instructions.
Updating ExtendSim 10
 
Deactivating and uninstalling
 Be sure to use that command to deactivate your ExtendSim license if you are selling/giving away your computer.
Once you have activated ExtendSim, you should not need to reactivate unless your Maintenance and Support Plan has
been renewed or you have purchased additional Event Cycles for the Reliability module of ExtendSim Pro.
To update an Individual license of ExtendSim or to update Client licenses for a Floating license, download either the
ExtendSim updater or the Trial version from the website and install the newer release over your existing
ExtendSim installation.
Do not use the Trial version of ExtendSim to update installations of ExtendSim ASP on the ASP Servers. There is a
separate updater for the ASP product.
To move an Individual license of ExtendSim from one device to another, you must deactivate ExtendSim on the first
device (using the Help > Revoke License Activation command) before activating it on the second.

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