Page 6 - Upgrading to ExtendSim 10
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Installing, Launching, and Activating ES10
Obtaining an ExtendSim 10 license
Installing ES10
 Individual and Node-Locked licenses have an automated software installer.
 Floating licenses, including the ASP license, have an additional installer for the License Manager that regulates usage.  Instructions for installing and activating all license types are available at
Launching the downloaded software
 Each time you launch ExtendSim during the Trial period the Activation dialog appears with 3 options:
 
 There is no Trial period for Analysis RunTime or Student versions. Until activated, the only options they offer on launch are to purchase or enter an Activation Key.
Activating an Individual license
 Detailed instructions can be found on our website at
 Automatic activation (most common)
   
 Manual activation 
 
Individual licenses of ExtendSim 10 are available as downloads from the website and online store. These
downloads include Model Developer Editions of ExtendSim CP, ExtendSim DE, and ExtendSim Pro as well as
Individual licenses of the Analysis RunTime and Student versions of ExtendSim.
Other ExtendSim license types (Floating, Node-Locked, ASP, etc.) can be ordered directly from Imagine That Inc. or
from your local distributor or reseller.
If you have downloaded ExtendSim from our website, it operates as an Individual license that will run in Trial mode so
you can use the software for free for up to 30 days.
Try. You'll have 30 days to access all the powerful simulation capabilities in ExtendSim. Until you purchase
and activate ExtendSim, the Activation dialog will appear on startup and report the number of days remaining in
your Trial period, plus there will be a "Trial Version" watermark stamped behind all your models. But all that goes
away on activation.
Purchase. Selecting this will take you to the ExtendSim online store to purchase an Activation Key for the
Individual license. If you don't have an internet connection, ExtendSim will provide alternate methods for
purchasing ExtendSim.
Activate. Make it official! Drop your Activation Key and other required information into the entry fields. Your
ExtendSim license will automatically be activated and tied to the computer upon which the activation is long as you have an internet connection on that machine. If you don't have internet access,
ExtendSim will offer a manual option to activate your license.
Requires an internet connection and permissions by your firewall and security.
Is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
Activation occurs in seconds once you enter your Activation Key in the Activation Dialog
Once activated, ExtendSim displays your Activation Key and the expiration date of your Maintenance and Support
Plan on your ExtendSim startup screen.
Use this method if your device is not connected to the internet, your internet is down, or firewall or virus protection
software is blocking the activation’s access.
If ExtendSim is unable to accomplish activation automatically, it will present messages such as “License Activation
Problems” or “No Internet Connection”. In those cases, activation must be accomplished manually.
Follow these steps to manually activate ExtendSim:

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