Page 5 - Upgrading to ExtendSim 10
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Before Upgrading to ExtendSim 10
Update your prior release to ExtendSim 9.3
 
 ES 10 will open models and libraries created in releases 7-9. It does not support blocks or models created in releases prior to 7. Make sure you have upgraded to the correct product
The product lineup has changed in ES10, so be sure you upgrade to the correct ES10 product given your prior usage and current modeling needs. For more information, see “Upgrade Paths to ES10” on the previous page or use the Product Advisor located at
 The Discrete Rate module (the Rate library and LP solver) has been moved from ExtendSim AT 9 to ExtendSim Pro 10. If you used those components in prior releases, and want to continue using them, be sure to upgrade to ExtendSim Pro 10.
 Release 10 is 64-bit application and requires that your device have a 64-bit OS. If your OS is not 64-bit, continue using release 9 until you obtain a 64-bit device.
 The 3D engine has not been converted to ES10. If you use 3D for your models, continue using your previous release (i.e. ExtendSim Suite 9).
Before launching ES10
 ES 10 does not support blocks created prior to release 7 unless those blocks have been compiled in releases 7, 8, or 9. 
 If you have saved a hierarchical block (HBlock) in a library, and the HBlock contains blocks from a release prior to 7, read the warning on page 7.
 If your models use Equation blocks, there have been some function changes: 
 If you keep a release 9 or prior license of ExtendSim installed on your computer:
 
When you upgrade to ES10, your models and any custom blocks and libraries from prior releases (7-9) will need to be
converted to the new ES10 format.
We’ve done our best to make this process work well. However, it is strongly suggested that, if you haven’t already done
so, update to ExtendSim 9.3 before using ExtendSim 10. Release 9.3 will provide the smoothest transition for your
models and any custom blocks you’ve created. If you are using ExtendSim 9.0 or 9.1, or 9.2, the 9.3 Updater is available
as a free download at
If you have created custom blocks (other than hierarchical blocks) in release 7, 8, or 9, read the instructions on page
12 BEFORE moving those libraries into the ES10 folders and before opening any model files in ES10..
DateToString, TimeToString, and CalcDate are no longer supported. See instead the EDDateToString and
EDCalcDate functions in the Technical Reference.
There are new EColor functions that store the color information as a single integer, rather than using RGV or HSV.
(Legacy functions that use and support the old color information are still working in ES10.)
Due to architectural and file format changes, once model files have been saved in release 10 they cannot be read by older
If you typically launch ExtendSim by double-clicking a model or library file, and you have multiple instances of
ExtendSim installed, the ExtendSim application that was last installed will open. To instead cause a different release
of ExtendSim to open, use that release’s File > Update Launch Control command (Windows only). Depending on
your privileges, you may need to right-click the ExtendSim application and select Run as Administrator before
giving the command.
The icons for the model and library files will reflect whichever release of ExtendSim was installed last.
Technical support is limited to the most current release.

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