Page 4 - Upgrading to ExtendSim 10
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Annual maintenance subscription
Major changes to the product line in ES10
 Product lineup and versions
  
 License types and maintenance
  
 Three new libraries (see page 9 for descriptions)
  
Upgrade paths to ES 10
 To ExtendSim CP 10 
 To ExtendSim DE 10 
 
o o
 To ExtendSim Pro 10 
 
o o
 The 3D engine has not yet been converted to ES10. If you use 3D for your models, continue using your previous release (i.e. ExtendSim Suite 9) until the 3D engine is converted to 10 and available in ExtendSim Pro.
For a complete description of the ES10 product line, go to
Full model developer versions for industry and academia: ExtendSim CP, ExtendSim DE, ExtendSim Pro
Limited versions: Trial, Analysis RunTime, Player RunTime, Student
Other: ASP (cloud-based self-hosted ExtendSim) and OEM (embed simulation power in your own applications)
Individual, Node-Locked, or Floating license types
New license management system
Report library (all products) includes the new Reports Manager block
Chart library (all products) replaces the Plotter library which will now be in Legacy status
Reliability library (ExtendSim Pro) integrates reliability block diagramming (RBD) with ExtendSim
For continuous process modeling
Typical upgrade path: from prior releases of ExtendSim CP
For discrete event modeling
Also supports continuous process modeling
Typical upgrade path:
From ExtendSim OR
Or, as long as you don’t use the Rate module, from ExtendSim AT
Advanced technologies such as discrete rate modeling with the Rate library and LP Solver and reliability block
diagramming (RBD) with the new Reliability library.
Also supports discrete event and continuous process modeling.
Typical upgrade path:
From ExtendSim Suite
Or, if you use the Rate module or want to use the Reliability module, from ExtendSim AT

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