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Welcome to ExtendSim 10 and Thank You for Upgrading!
It’s not just an upgrade!
ExtendSim 10 (ES10) is a complete rewrite of ExtendSim using an industry standard IDE (integrated development environment) and a cutting-edge cross-platform application framework.
This major release has a whole new look and feel plus it is packed with enhancements designed to simplify and accelerate your modeling experience. Its modern interface incorporates the newest ideas and most up-to-date features. Its 64-bit, multi-threaded simulation engine can handle the largest modeling tasks.
Even if you are accustomed to using ExtendSim, ES10 has many new features and changes that will impact how you build models and use the application. This reference provides important information you should know before using ES10.
About this document
This document covers requirements, the new product lineup, typical upgrade paths, installation and activation, and specific information for converting your models and libraries to ES10.
It does not list all the new features in ES10. To see those, go to Requirements
 Memory and Disk Space: 2 GB RAM; 500 MB disk space
 Browser: A current version of Chrome, Explorer, Edge, Safari, or Firefox to download product updates. 
 For connecting to external applications using OLE/COM, DLL’s, and Shared Libraries: 
The following system requirements apply to Trial, Individual, Academic, Floating, Node-Locked, RunTime, and Student versions
of ExtendSim 10. ASP and OEM license requirements are unique to their intended usage.
Computer: Since simulation is processor-intensive, we recommend that your device have the fastest possible 64-bit
processor (minimum 1GHz and it must be 64-bit). Note: ES10 is multi-threaded and takes advantage of multiple cores
when running multiple models at the same time. However, when running a single model (even running it multiple
times), it is more important to have cores with a faster processing speed than to simply have more cores.
Operating System: A 64-bit version of Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (SP 1), Server 2016, Server 2012, or Server 2008 R2. (Mac
OS version not yet released.) NOTE: for Windows OS prior to 8.1, text in dialogs may overlap if you use anything other
than 100% for the display’s Scale and Layout.
Internet Access: Required for automated product activation. (If your computer has no internet access or your system
blocks ExtendSim from receiving encoded data from the internet, product activation can be accomplished manually.)
If you use the Scenario Manager block to connect to JMP or Minitab, or use the Data Import Export block to
exchange data with ODBC or ADO databases such as Access, those applications as well as the application drivers
used to exchange data with the ExtendSim blocks must be 64-bit compatible. This also applies to any custom blocks
you build that connect to external applications using an OLE/COM DLL.
Any DLL’s or Shared Libraries called by ES10 must be built for 64-bit execution.

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