Page 13 - Upgrading to ExtendSim 10
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Learning How to Use ExtendSim 10
 Quick Start Guides (QSG’s) 
 
 Tutorial and Reference docs 
 User Reference 
 Technical Reference 
 Quickly access these documents by giving the command Help > ExtendSim Help. Videos and example models
 
Documentation has been rewritten and updated for ES10, and the previous User Guide and Developer Reference have
been parsed into more concise documents based on modeling needs. When you upgrade to ES10, these eBooks get
installed in the folder ExtendSim10/Documentation.
The Continuous Process QSG, Discrete Event QSG, and Discrete Rate QSG contain tutorials and reference
material to get new users quickly familiar with ExtendSim and knowledgeable about its features and benefits.
The guides are also helpful for existing users as they illustrate many of the new features of ES10.
Each has an accompanying video tutorial.
Feature specific documentation that provides in-depth coverage of specific subjects.
Currently there are eBooks that explore the ExtendSim Database, Reliability, and Advanced Resource Management.
“How To” information for building, running, and using ExtendSim models.
Separate sections specific to discrete event and discrete rate modeling.
A resource for modelers who use equation-based blocks and for programmers who build or modify ExtendSim
blocks and components.
Shows how to build a block, lists all the message handlers and functions, and much more.
In addition to the documentation, ES10 has new video tutorials and example models. For example, for hints about
transitioning to ES10 see the short online video at
The documentation, models, and videos are easily accessed using the Getting Started interface that opens when you
launch ExtendSim or by going to our website

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