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Maintenance and Support
An annual ExtendSim Maintenance and Support Plan (MSP) is required for all products except Trial and Player
 The cost of the MSP is included in the purchase price for the first year after purchase.
 As long as the MSP is kept current you can:
     
 For the benefits to continue in subsequent years, the MSP must be renewed by the anniversary of the license activation.
 If the MSP lapses:
Get help with installation issues, basic usage questions, and troubleshooting.
Download free ExtendSim minor release updates.
Download free ExtendSim major release upgrades.
Move your ExtendSim license from one device to another (if allowed by the EULA).
Obtain replacement or updated Activation Keys.
Experience, evaluate, and influence future products and features.
  
Warning regarding the Plotter and other legacy libraries
You will not get the MSP benefits (e.g. technical support, updates released subsequent to the expiration,
replacement activation codes, etc.) listed above.
You will need to purchase upgrades at full price.
If the MSP is reinstated, it will restart at the original renewal date.
For more information, go to
Legacy libraries are older libraries that are no longer supported, could result in problems in future releases, and will stop
being shipped with ExtendSim after several releases.
Legacy files are only supplied for a few releases so that you can open older models that use those libraries and convert
them to using the new libraries.
 The following libraries have been relegated to Legacy status: 
o o o o o o
The Plotter library has been relegated to Legacy status as of ES10. The new Chart library of ES10 replaces the
Plotter library. Please convert your existing models to using the new Chart library and do not use the Plotter
library when building new models.
The following libraries were relegated to Legacy status with the release of ExtendSim 7 in 2007 and are no longer
being shipped as of ES10:
Discrete Event
Quick Blocks

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