Page 11 - Upgrading to ExtendSim 10
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New Chart, Report, and Reliability libraries
 Chart 
 
 To replace a Plotter block with a Chart block in an existing model, you must manually replace the block; you cannot use block substitution to replace a Plotter block with a Chart block.
 Report 
 
 Reliability
  
For the list of all the changes in ES10, see the website.
The new Chart library replaces the Plotter library for all ExtendSim products.
So that you don’t have to change existing models, the Plotter library has been updated with
new features.
The Plotter library has devolved to Legacy status and will no longer be supported. Unless you
need to use the Plotter library’s Gantt, Histogram, Plotter Error Bars, or Plotter FFT, please
use the blocks in the Chart library rather than the blocks in the Plotter library when building
new models.
The new Report library is available in all ExtendSim products.
The Reports Manager block is the primary interface in ExtendSim for
creating reports from simulation runs for blocks, events, items, and resources.
The block’s dialog provides filtering conditions to specify which blocks,
events, items, and resources to generate reports for; data is stored in an
internal ExtendSim database for ease of access and export.
Other blocks in this library are: Cost Stats, DB Statistics, Item Log Manager,
and Statistics.
Some of the blocks in the Report library resided in other libraries prior to ES10. ExtendSim will automatically do
the block substitution when you open any models that contain blocks that have been moved to the Report library.
The new Reliability module is only included with ExtendSim Pro and has its own eBook.
This module combines process simulation with reliability block diagramming (RBD).
Graphically and statistically describe when scheduled downs
(maintenance and off-shifting) and unscheduled downs
(failures) occur for individual resources and what impact that
has on the availability of the entire system.
Use the Reliability library as a standalone RBD tool to
determine how resource and component availability affect
system performance.
Or, use Reliability with ExtendSim event-based capabilities to explore the impact of resource availability on key
process metrics such as throughput, production costs, repair costs, utilization, inventory, service levels, and so forth.

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