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Reactivating • Individual Licenses Reactivating in a Secure Location • FAQs
Reactivating in a Secure Location -- if your device is in a secure location and not connected to the internet
1. Follow steps 1 to 3 under Manual In-House Reactivation, above.
2. After generating the text file “ExtendSim Activation Info.txt”, copy its information.
3. Using an email address that can receive an attached text file in return, email the information from the ExtendSim
Activation Info.txt text file to
4. When we email back the text file extendsim.lic, copy or print the contents of that license file.
5. Using the information from the license file, create a text file on the secure device (use Notepad or right-click on the
desktop to create a new text document).
6. Name the text file on the secure computer extendsim.lic. Place it in the UserName/Documents/ExtendSim10 folder
of the secure device.
7. Restart ExtendSim and you’ll be reactivated!
Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I don’t reactivate after requesting a change to the license?
ExtendSim won't stop working, but the Maintenance and Support expiration messages will continue, you won’t be able to use the new upgrade, etc.
Where can I get more information?
• See the document Installing & Activating • Individual Licenses. • Contact Imagine That Inc.
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