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Reactivating • ExtendSim Floating Licenses Manual Reactivation • Client Devices
License Manager • Manual In-House Reactivation - continued
6. Verify information by clicking the Status command on the left side of the RLSA window.
• If the Status command reports “No ISV Servers running”, you’ve made an error. Restart at #2 on page 2. • If instead the ISV Servers panel is present:
• IstheISVportlistedinthepanelunblocked?
If not, see License Manager on Server in the separate document Frequently Asked Questions • Floating License.
ISV Servers Name extendsim
port Running Restarts
12345 Yes 0
Server Status extendsim
License Usage extendsim
• Is the ISV server reported as running?
7. If the License Manager is running, close the browser.
8. Make a copy of the extendsim.lic file for use in activating ExtendSim on new Client devices. (Existing installations
of ExtendSim on Client devices will be automatically updated.)
• By default, the file is located on the Server at C:/ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer.
• If you subsequently edit the license file, such as changing the ISV port, distribute the modified file!
Reactivating ExtendSim on Client Devices
Existing Client Installations of ExtendSim
• You do not need to send new license files to Client devices that have already enabled ExtendSim. When reactivating a Floating License, you only need to update the License Manager on the Server. The License Manager
automatically updates the license files on existing Client devices.
• This is a good time to double-check your Client devices to be sure they are running the most current ExtendSim release.
• Go to the Updater page of the ExtendSim web site at to determine the current release of ExtendSim 10.
• Verify the ExtendSim release Clients are using by going to Help > About ExtendSim in the ExtendSim application. • If the start-up screen does not show you are using the current release as indicated on the web site, follow the
online instructions to download the updater for the appropriate ExtendSim 10.0.x.
New & Future Client Installations of ExtendSim
If and when you have devices that you want to set up as new Clients: • Obtain the most current ExtendSim 10 installer.
• Download a Trial version for the correct ExtendSim Floating License product you purchased (ExtendSim Pro, DE, or CP) from
• Prior to activation as a Floating License, it will be an Individual License in Trial mode.
• If you are using ExtendSim Analysis RunTime (ART), contact Imagine That Inc. to obtain a download link for the
latest ART release.
• Follow the installer’s instructions to install ExtendSim 10 on as many new Client devices as you want as long as
ExtendSim can communicate with the License Manager.
• For each Client installation of ExtendSim, place a copy of the extendsim.lic file (obtained from the updated License
Manager activation and found in Server’s C:/ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer folder) into the Client folder that contains the user-modifiable files (by default, that folder is named User Name/Documents/ExtendSim10 folder). Note that there must be read/write access to that folder.
• Launch ExtendSim. It will now be activated as indicated on its startup screen.
• For more information, follow the instructions for Client Devices: Installation, Activation, and Use in the separate
doument Installing & Activating • Floating Licenses.
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