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Reactivating • ExtendSim Floating Licenses Reactivating the License Manager
Reactivating the License Manager - continued
2. From the commands on the left side of the RLSA window: • Select the Activate License command.
3. In the License Activation window that opens:
• Click the button: BEGIN License Activation
• Then follow the five License Activation steps (Steps 1-5) as described below
4. License Reactivation (Step 1 of 5)
• Don’t make any changes to ISV activation website: • Click Next
ISV activation website:
License Activation Key:
License Server or Node-Locked hostid:
License count (for Floating licenses):
License File to create or edit
5. License Reactivation (Step 2 of 5)
• Change the ISV from “reprise” to “extendsim”
• Enter your License Activation Key, including dashes • Click Next
6. License Reactivation (Step 3 of 5)
• Don’t make any changes to the License Server hostid • Change the “License count (for floating license)” to 0
(Note: entering zero ensures all the licenses purchased will be available for
Client devices that access this Server. Yes, 0 is counter-intuitive but trust us!) • Click Next
7. License Reactivation (Step 4 of 5)
• For the “License File to create or edit”, change
“.\activate1.lic” to extendsim.lic • Click Next
8. License Activation (Step 5 of 5) • Verify the information
• ISV is extendsim
• Activation Key is entered correctly with dashes • Count is 0
• License file is extendsim.lic
• If information is not correct, go Back and correct it
• If information is correct, click Request License 9. License Activation window:
• If the window reports:
• “License Activation - license retrieved” AND “Writing
License to extendsim.lic”
• AND there are no error messages on the window
• Go to #10. (Your license has been successfully reactivated over the
internet, but you still need to generate the license file.) • If instead there are error messages, go to the section
License Manager • Manual In-House Reactivation.
10. In the License Activation window, click the (RE)START LICENSE SERVER button (this does not restart the Server;
it only restarts the License Manager) 11. In the Reread/Restart Servers window: • Click the REREAD/RESTART button
• You will get the message “Reread command sent...” to all servers or to ExtendSim
12. Verify information by clicking the Status command on the left side of the RLSA window.
• If the Status command reports “No ISV Servers running”, you’ve made an error. Restart at #2 on page 2. • If instead the ISV Servers panel is present:
• Is the ISV port listed in the panel unblocked?
If not, see License Manager on Server in the separate document Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses.
ISV Servers Name extendsim
port Running Restarts
12345 Yes 0
Server Status extendsim
License Usage extendsim
• Is the ISV server reported as running?
13. If the License Manager is running, close the browser.
14. The license file (extendsim.lic) will be located on the Server. The default location is C:/ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer.
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