Reactivating • ExtendSim Floating Licenses
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Floating Licenses
When there is a change to the license, not an incremental update to ExtendSim
Important Information -- read before you begin reactivation procedure
• This document describes when and how to reactivate an already-installed License Manager for a Floating License of ExtendSim 10. As noted below, reactivation is required only when there is a change to the license.
• The ExtendSim 10 Floating License is used for the deployment of ExtendSim Pro, DE, CP, or Analysis RunTime (ART) to multiple users through native installation on multiple devices.
• It is managed by a single License Manager (RLM.exe) that is installed on a Server, is TCP/IP based, and runs as a Service to control the number of concurrent users over a local or wide-area network.
• The Server’s License Manager is activated using a numeric Activation Key, resulting in the creation of a license text file (extendsim.lic) that is used to enable each Client device.
• Reactivation of the License Manager is required under the following circumstances: • The Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) has been renewed.
• The License Manager has been moved to a new Server.
• There is a change to the number of concurrent users.
• The maximum number of Reliability Event Cycles has been increased.
• The license is being upgraded to a newer release of ExtendSim (e.g. from 10.x to 11.x). • Migrating to a different ExtendSim product (e.g. from DE to Pro).
• Another ExtendSim product is being added to the license.
• Do NOT reactivate the License Manager when:
• Updating ExtendSim on Client devices (e.g. from 10.x to 10.y). When there is an incremental update of
ExtendSim, download and install the new Trial version and use it to replace the existing installation on
Client devices.
• There is a newer release of the License Manager. Reactivation does not update the License Manager. To
replace an already-installed License Manager with a newer release, see the separate document entitled
Installing & Activating • Floating Licenses.
• For complete information about the Floating License, see the separate document entitled Installing &
Activating • Floating Licenses.
Reactivating the License Manager
Important - do not attempt to reactivate the license until instructed to do so. Your license must first be changed in the Imagine That Inc. database.
Automatic Reactivation -- requires internet access & security permission
As was true for the original activation, the License Manager can be reactivated either automatically over the internet or, if internet activation is not available or your security system blocks it, processed manually. Start here for both methods.
1. Open a browser
• If you open the browser on the Server you’ve installed the License Manager on, enter “localhost:5054” in the
browser’s address line and press Enter. (If your browser inserts the text https:// in the address line, remove that
text so the address line is just “localhost:5054”.)
• If you open the browser on another device:
• It must be on the same network as the device where you installed the License Manager.
• Enter “servername:5054” in the browser’s address line and press Enter. (Be sure servername is the name of the Server that has the License Manager installed and the text in the address line does not include https://.)
• This takes you to the Reprise License Server Administration (RLSA) window.
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