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Installing & Activating • ExtendSim 10 Floating Licenses Universities
Notes for Installation at Universities
Installing a Floating License at a University
The Floating license of ExtendSim is typically installed in an environment where the Client device is used by only one person. This works well for academic institutions if students and professors install ExtendSim on their own computers (the Clients) since it allows ExtendSim to be used on the network or checked out from the network (roaming) for up to 30 days.
1. If each device will only be used by one person, follow the instructions under Client Devices • Installation & Activation on page 5 of this document.
2. If instead you are installing ExtendSim on devices intended for use by multiple persons, such as in a lab environment, please note these special instructions:
• As you install on each multi-user computer, when you get to the installer’s Installing User Documents section, select a location on the target machine that the students will have read/write access to. For example, you might select C:\Users\Public\Public Documents as the Destination Folder. This will install user-modi able  les at the root of the C drive.
• To activate ExtendSim on a Client device, copy the license  le (extendsim.lic) that was created during License Manager activation to the folder selected in the User Documents section of the installer. In the example, this would be C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\ExtendSim10.
• Give the Users group full (not just read/write) access to the folder that has the user-modi able  les.
• Note: At the end of their sessions, students should save their models (.mox)  les to locations where other users
won't interfere with and/or copy their work. However, they should use a local copy while doing work. Models will run slowly if they reside on an external drive or in the cloud.
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