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Client Devices Installation & Activation
Installing & Activating • ExtendSim 10 Floating Licenses Client Devices
Part 3 • Clients: Install ExtendSim
1. Get the ExtendSim 10 installer.
• Obtain the ExtendSim 10 installer from the Floating license package downloaded from our online store,
an ExtendSim 10 USB drive, or (if you’re using ExtendSim Pro, DE, or CP) by downloading a Trial version from
• Be sure to use the correct installer for the ExtendSim Floating license product you purchased:
ExtendSim Pro, ExtendSim DE, ExtendSim CP, or ExtendSim Analysis RunTime. 2. Install ExtendSim 10 on each Client device, following the installer’s instructions.
• Install ExtendSim with Admin privileges to the end user’s account, not to an Admin’s account.
• The installation destination for the ExtendSim folder that contains user-modi able  les must be to a location for
which the end user has read-write access so they can open, change, and save models and libraries. By default,
that folder is User Name\Documents\ExtendSim.
• You can install ExtendSim one time on as many devices as you want as long as ExtendSim can communicate with
the License Manager.
Note for universities installing on Client devices in a lab environment: If installing ExtendSim on devices intended for use by multiple persons, please see Notes for Installation at Universities on page 6 of this document.
3. Do not enter the Activation Key in the ExtendSim Activation Dialog. For a Floating license, the Activation Key is only used for the License Manager’s activation.
Part 4 • Clients: Activate ExtendSim
1. Make a copy of the license  le (extendsim.lic) on the Server. By default, the license  le is located on the Server’s C drive in the folder named ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer.
2. On each Client device, paste the license  le (extendsim.lic) into the ExtendSim folder that contains the user modi able  les such as Libraries and Examples. (By default, that folder is located at User Name\Documents\ExtendSim.)
Note: The end user must have Read-Write access to the folder that contains the user-modi able  les.
3. Launch ExtendSim. It will now be activated as indicated on its startup screen.
4. If you encounter security issues when launching ExtendSim, the most likely causes are:
• The license file (extendsim.lic) was not installed at the same location as the user-modifiable files (libraries and examples). By default, these are installed in the UserName\Documents\ExtendSim10 folder.
• The ExtendSim10 folder that contains user-modifiable files does not have the correct access privileges.
• Port 5053 and/or the ISV port is blocked. These ports must be open for outbound access on the Client and for
inbound access on the Server for internal communication and license requests. If you need to use a di erent port,
see License Manager on Server in the separate document Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses.
• For information on how to resolve these issues, see Security Issues When Installing or Launching in the separate
document Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses.
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