Page 4 - Installing & Activating ExtendSim Floating Licenses
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Installing & Activating • ExtendSim 10 Floating Licenses License Manager • Manual Activation
License Manager • Manual Activation - continued
4. After you receive the license  le from us, open the RLSA window using a browser:
a. If you open the browser on the Server where you’ve installed the License Manager, enter “localhost:5054”
in the browser’s address line and press Enter. (If your browser inserts the text https:// in the address line, remove that text so the address line is just localhost:5054.)
b. If you open the browser on another device:
• It must be on the same network as the device where you installed the License Manager.
• Enter “servername:5054” in the browser’s address line and press Enter. (Be sure servername is the name of
the License Server where the License Manager installed and the text in the address line does not include https://.) 5. In the Reprise License Server Administration (RLSA) window:
a. On the left side of the RLSA window, click the Edit License Files command
b. In the Edit License File window that appears: • Do not change the License File to Edit  eld • Click the Edit License File button
c. In the next window:
• For License  le to create or edit: enter extendsim.lic • Click the Edit License File button
d. In the next window:
• Copy the contents of the extendsim.lic  le and paste the
contents into the  eld
• Scroll to the bottom of the window and click
Update License File
e. In the next window:
• You should get the message license  le extendsim.lic written • Click the Back to Status button
License File to Edit:
License File to create or edit
License File: extendsim.lic
f. On the left-hand side of the RLSA window, click the Reread/Restart Servers command g. In the Edit License File window that appears:
• Leave the ISV set to All
• Click the REREAD/RESTART button to restart the License Manager
h. If successful, the window will display the message Reread command sent
6. Verify information by clicking the Status command on the left side of the RLSA window.
• If the Status command reports No ISV Servers running, you’ve made an error. Restart at #2 on page 2.
• If instead the ISV Servers panel is present:
• Does it report that the ISV server is running?
• CheckifthatISVportisblocked.Ifitis,wesuggestyou
set an ISV port to prevent problems in the future. See
ISV Servers Name extendsim
port Running Restarts
12345 Yes 0
Server Status extendsim
License Usage extendsim
License Manager on Server in the separate document Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses. 7. If the License Manager is running, close the browser.
8. Make a copy of the extendsim.lic  le for use in activating ExtendSim on each Client device.
• By default, the  le is located on the Server at C:\ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer.
• If you subsequently edit the license  le, such as changing the ISV port, distribute the modi ed  le! 9. Install ExtendSim on Client devices as instructed under Client Devices on the following page.
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