Page 3 - Installing & Activating ExtendSim Floating Licenses
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Installing & Activating • ExtendSim 10 Floating Licenses Automatic Activation • Manual Activation
License Manager Activation - continued
8. License Activation (Step 5 of 5) • Verify the information
• ISV is extendsim
• Activation Key is entered correctly with dashes • Count is 0
• License  le is extendsim.lic
• If information is not correct, go Back and correct it
• If information is correct, click Request License 9. License Activation window:
• If the window reports:
• License Activation - license retrieved AND Writing
License to extendsim.lic
• AND there are no error messages on the window
• Go to #10. (Your license has been successfully activated over the
internet, but you still need to generate the license  le.)
• However,ifthereareANYerrormessagesintheLicenseActivationwindow,gotoManualIn-HouseActivation,below. 10. In the License Activation window, click the (RE)START LICENSE SERVER button (this does not restart the Server;
it only restarts the License Manager). 11. In the Reread/Restart Servers window: • Click the REREAD/RESTART button
• You will get the message Reread command sent... to all servers or to ExtendSim.
12. Before proceeding, verify that the ISV port in the panel is open for inbound access on the Server. If it is blocked, we
suggest you set an ISV port to prevent problems in the future. See License Manager on Server in the separate document Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses.
ISV Servers Name extendsim
• By default, the  le is located on the Server at C:\ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer.
• If you subsequently edit the license  le, such as changing the ISV port, distribute the modi ed  le! 15. Install ExtendSim on Client devices as instructed under Client Devices on page 5.
License Manager • Manual In-House Activation -- use only if unable to automatically activate
1. After requesting the license at #8 above, if the window displays “-132” or other error messages (e.g. Error generating license), the automated activation couldn’t happen. In this case you need to do a manual activation.
2. On the window where you get the error message, click the Back button to return to the License Activation (Step 5 of 5) window so you can gather information to send to us.
a. In the Activation Request Data table, copy or write down the HostID. (If there are multiple HostIDs, copy all of them.)
b. Click the System Info command on the left of the RLSA window and copy or write down the name of the Server
as shown in the text RLM info for System:servername
c. Email the following  ve (5) pieces of information to
• Your Activation Key
• The Hostid (from 2a, above)
• The Server name (from 2b, above)
• Your name
• An email address that can receive an attached text  le in return.
d. You can close the browser until we send you the license.
3. After you email us the information, we will generate a text  le named
extendsim.lic and email it to you. (This could take up to 3 days.) - 3-
port Running Restarts
Server Status extendsim
License Usage extendsim
12345 Yes 0
13. If the License Manager is running, close the browser.
14. Make a copy of the extendsim.lic  le for use in activating ExtendSim Pro, DE, CP, or ART on each Client device.

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