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Frequently Asked Questions • ExtendSim Floating Licenses Permission & Location Issues • Other Issues
Permission and Location Issues for User-Modifiable and Other Files - continued
The most common reasons why user-modi able and other necessary  les were not correctly installed are:
• Someone from IT or an Admin installed the user-modi able  les in a folder under their account rather than in a folder
accessible by the end user.
• The folder containing user-modi able  les does not give the end user or ExtendSim the correct permissions.
• The folder that contains user-modi able  les has been moved after installation, so ExtendSim is looking for  les at the
wrong location.
If ExtendSim reports a problem (such as “Documents folder not found” or “lp_solve...system error code: 2”) as it tries to launch or gives a similar error message when end users try to open model or library  les:
• Verify that user-modi able  les such as examples and and libraries are installed in a folder that is accessible by the end user; by default, that folder is UserName/Documents/ExtendSim10.
• Check the permissions for the ExtendSim folder where user-modi able  les and extensions are installed. End
users need read/write or full access to that folder,
depending on its location, so they can open, run, and save models.
• So ExtendSim can properly open needed  les, right-click its icon and select Run as Administrator as you launch it.
• If the user-modi able  les were moved after installation, modify the  le ExtendSimDocPath.txt (located by default at
Program Files/ExtendSim10) to indicate the new location. Activation Dialog Issues
After you have activated ExtendSim, the Activation Dialog should not appear again spontaneously. If it does appear, it could indicate that:
• The license  le (extendsim.lic) has been placed at the wrong location when you manually activated the software or has been deleted. Verify that the license  le is in the ExtendSim folder that contains the user-modi able  les (libraries and example models); by default, that folder is UserName/Documents/ExtendSim10.
• There are multiple instances of the same ExtendSim product installed on your device. For example, you may have downloaded a Trial version of ExtendSim Pro to use as the updater for an existing installation of Pro. To properly update the existing  les, the Trial version must be installed using the exact same folder name and to the same location as the current installation. If there are duplicate installations, uninstall the Trial version and reinstall it over the existing installation so that it updates the ExtendSim 10  les.
Other Issues When Installing or Launching ExtendSim
• In certain unusual cases, standard C runtime libraries that ExtendSim expects to  nd may be missing from your Windows operating system. In that case you will get the error message api-ms-crt-runtime dll is missing from the
computer when you try to launch ExtendSim. In this case you need to update your Windows operating system with the Universal C Runtime (CRT) component. See Microsoft support for information.
• When the operating system restricts ExtendSim from registering as an OLE/COM server, the following issues occur:
• You get the error message Run-time error 429: ActiveX component can’t create object.
• Excel might not appear in the list of applications in the Data Import Export block.
For ExtendSim to be able to interface with Excel and other apps, launch ExtendSim with Administrative privileges
so that it can complete the process of registering itself as an OLE/COM server. To do that, either right-click the ExtendSim application and select Run as Administrator or contact your IT or Admin and have them launch ExtendSim in your user account with the correct Admin permissions (once that happens, it won’t be required again).
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