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Frequently Asked Questions • ExtendSim Floating Licenses
Security Issues When Installing and Launching • Permission & Location Issues
Issues When Installing or
Launching ExtendSim or Opening ExtendSim Files
Security Issues When Installing and Launching
Security features in Windows operating systems (especially since Windows 10), and virus protection programs in general, can sometimes interfere with installing or launching ExtendSim  les. These issues most often occur because:
• The ExtendSim installer installs DLLs that need to be registered in the Windows Registry during installation. If the Windows operating system or your security software restricts this:
• You’ll get a ComponentTransferData or Codebase failed to register error as the installer tries to register the DLLs.
• If that doesn’t happen, you might get a _RightClickConnect database is missing message when ExtendSim launches and tries to open the Getting Started model, indicating that a required DLL is missing.
• The ExtendSim application has an integrated compiler, so it creates and executes compiled code from the DATA segments of memory when it runs. In trying to protect your device:
• Windows Data Execution Prevention (DEP) could cause ExtendSim to fail on launch and report an Unknown msg error or fail when placing a block in a new model and give an Unknown block message.
• Some security systems could incorrectly identify ExtendSim as potential malware and stop it from launching or running, even though ExtendSim is digitally signed.
• For a Floating License:
• The installer for the License Manager not only creates the Service but tries to start it running automatically.
Security systems will sometimes block the service from starting.
• For automatic activation of the License Manager, encrypted data must be exchanged through port 80 over the
internet. Security systems sometimes block that communication, so you must do a manual activation.
• The ISV port must be unblocked or you will get a Connection refused at Server message when you launch ExtendSim.
If you are having security problems installing or launching:
• Be sure you have the correct permissions. If possible, right-click the installer or the ExtendSim application and choose
Run as Administrator. Or contact your IT or Admin and have them install ExtendSim to your user account with the
correct Admin permissions (once that happens, it won’t be required again).
• Temporarily disable your virus protection software while installing ExtendSim or activating a Floating license’s License
Manager. Note that for Windows 10, Windows Defender acts as an anti-virus system as discussed below.
• If the ISV port for a Floating license is blocked, either unblock the port or use a di erent port for the ISV Server, as
discussed in License Manager on Server on page 2 of this document.
• See the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) instructions on page 6 if ExtendSim fails on launch or upon block placement.
Permission and Location Issues for User-Modifiable and Other Files
Unlike Word and other applications that by default do not open other  les when they launch, when ExtendSim launches it requires the loading of certain  les and it expects that those  les have been installed at speci c locations. If needed  les don’t have the correct permissions, or if ExtendSim can’t  nd them, ExtendSim will not launch properly.
So that they can open, run, and save  les, end users must have physical (correct user account) and permitted (read/write or full) access to the ExtendSim folder that contains user-modi able  les (libraries, example models, etc.).
In addition, so that ExtendSim will know where those needed  les are located, the installer places a text  le (ExtendSimDocPath.txt) in the Program Files/ExtendSim folder.
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