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Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses
License Manager on Server • Managing a Floating License
License Manager on Server - continued
Changing the port for the ISV Server. -- continued
7. For the ISV, select extendsim, then click the Reread/Restart button to restart the License Manager.
8. If successful, the window will display the message “Reread command sent to extendsim”. This indicates that the
new port will be added as an alternate port.
9. Be sure to copy the updated extendsim.lic  le to each Client.
Can I move the License Manager from one Server to another?
Not directly. Before you try to move the License Manager, contact us at or 1.408.365.0305. We will revoke the current license so you can install and activate on the new Server. Then you must uninstall the License Manager from the original server using the instructions below.
How do we uninstall the License Manager for an ExtendSim 9 Network License?
For release 9, run the “Remove ExtendSim Server.exe”  le in the Server’s ExtendSimServer folder. You should get two messages: License Successfully Removed and Service Successfully Removed. Then use Windows Settings to uninstall the ExtendSim Server  les.
Uninstalling the License Manager for an ExtendSim 10 Floating License.
1. Stop the Service (instructions for Windows 10; others differ)
• Right-click on the Server’s Start command and choose Computer Management. • In the list that appears, double-click Services and Applications.
• Double-click Services.
• In the list that appears, scroll to ExtendSimServer.
• Stop the ExtendSimLicServer service (right-click select Stop).
• Close the Computer Management window.
2. Remove the Service
• Open Command Prompt as Administrator (Enter CMD in the Search box and simultaneously click Ctrl+Shift+Enter. • Click Yes in the User Account Control window to enable Windows Command Processor.
• At the command line enter SC delete ExtendSimLicServer and press the Enter key.
• If successful, the Service will be removed and you can close the window.
3. Uninstall ExtendSim Floating License Server v10 using Windows Settings > Apps > Apps and features, then delete the folder ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer (located by default at the root of the C drive).
Note: Before reinstalling using a newer ExtendSim Server License Manager, you must  rst uninstall the previous License Manager as described above.
Managing a Floating License
How do I access reports on how the employees are using the Floating License?
Log into the License Manager (ExtendSimLicServer) on the Server:
• Open a browser on the Server and enter localhost:5054 in the browser’s address line.
• Or, open a browser on some other device that is on the same network as the Server and enter servername:5054
in the browser’s address line.
Can we have a Network License of ExtendSim 9 as well as its upgrade, a Floating License of 10, running concurrently?
Absolutely. In fact, you will need both during the transition period while you convert your  les from 9 to 10. The transition period should not exceed six (6) months. Deployment of the software after that period shall not exceed the licensed quantity of ExtendSim 10.
What happens after we renew the annual Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) or change the number of concurrent users?
The license  le (extendsim.lic) on the License Server needs to be updated and reactivated whenever there is this
type of change to the license. After we notify you that the change has been made and the license has been updated, you will need to reactivate the License Manager. However, you do not need to send new license  les to Client devices. The License Manager automatically updates the license  les on Client devices. See the document titled Reactivating • Floating Licenses.
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