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Frequently Asked Questions • Floating Licenses Client Devices • License Manager on Server
ExtendSim on Client Devices - continued
Renewing the Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) on a Client. (Does not apply to Analysis RunTime Floating Licenses.)
1. The renewal date for the Floating License’s Maintenance and Support Plan (MSP) is shown on the ExtendSim startup
screen (Help > About ExtendSim). Prior to the renewal date, the application will occasionally present a reminder
message upon launch.
2. Contact Imagine That Inc. or your ExtendSim Distributor to renew your MSP. Client devices will automatically be
updated once the License Manager on the Server has been updated, as discussed below.
What happens after we renew the annual Maintenance & Support Plan or change the number of concurrent users?
• The license  le (extendsim.lic) on the License Server needs to be updated and reactivated whenever there is this type of change to the license.
• After we notify you that the license has been updated, we will send you instructions so you can reactivate the License Manager.
• Do not send new license  les to Client devices. The License Manager automatically updates the license  les on Client devices.
• See the document titled Reactivating ExtendSim Floating Licenses.
Uninstalling ExtendSim from a Client device.
1. First, return the license if it has been temporarily checked out from the network. Connect the client computer to the server that hosts the License Manager. Use the command Help > Floating License > Check In a Floating License. This restores the number of concurrent users the server allows.
2. Use the Windows Settings > Apps and Features to uninstall ExtendSim 10.
3. Then delete the two folders: Documents/ExtendSim and Program Files/ExtendSim.
License Manager on Server
Can the Server where the License Manager is installed be a virtual machine?
Can the License Manager be installed on the same device as ExtendSim?
Yes. One device can be both Server and Client.
Verifying the ExtendSimLicServer is running as a Service.
• Go to Computer Management on the License Server.
• In the list that appears, double-click Services and Applications, then double-click Services.
• In the list that appears, scroll to ExtendSimLicServer and verify it is Running.
• If it is not running, you may need to install the License Manager with Administrative privileges, temporarily
disable virus protection and other security features before installing it, or unblock the ISV port.
Starting the Service manually if the License Manager fails to automatically start the Service.
The License Manager installer not only creates the Service but sets it to start automatically. To do this manually: 1. Open an administrative CMD line window:
• Open Command Prompt as Administrator (Enter CMD in the Search box and simultaneously click Ctrl+Shift+Enter. For the Windows Command Processor click “Allow”).
• At the command line, enter “CD C:\ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer” (assuming that is the directory where the License Manager was installed) and press the Enter key.
• At the new command line, enter “rlm -install_service -dlog log le -service_name extendsimlicserver”. Press Enter.
• Close the window.
2. Go to Computer Management on the License Server.
• Go to the Services and Applications/Services section.
• Select ExtendSimLicServer in the list of Services and Start the Service.
• Right-click ExtendSimLicServer to access its Properties and set the startup type to Automatic.
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