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Frequently Asked Questions • ExtendSim Floating Licenses License Manager
License Manager: Additional Information
About the License Manager
• The License Manager is speci c to:
• The product that is installed on the Client devices: ExtendSim Pro, ExtendSim DE, ExtendSim CP, or Analysis RunTime. • ExtendSim 10 and above. Previous releases use a di erent License Manager.
• The License Manager is bound to the Server it is installed on, either through the hard disk hardware serial number,
the BIOS id, or some other hostID. You must contact us before trying to “move” the License Manager to a di erent Server.
• After activation, the License Manager runs as a service process that remains running as long as the system is up (regardless of user logins and logouts), and restarts automatically when the Server is rebooted.
• When  rst launched and at midnight local time each day, the License Manager triggers a reread of its extendsim.lic license  le, then opens port 5053 to receive license requests from Client devices.
• Reports:
• The License File (extendsim.lic) describes the license granted.
• The License Manager (ExtendSimLicServer) generates con gurable usage reports. It also provides debug logs for
diagnosing licensing inconsistencies or failures. They are written to the same directory that contains the License
Manager, as long as this directory is writable. If it is not writable, the log  les will be written to \\Windows\system32. • CAUTIONS:
• NEVER run the License Manager as a privileged user/administrator.
• The license  le (extendsim.lic) cannot be placed in a path where any component of the pathname contains
the “@” character.
• If the server node name or port number is changed after a license has been checked out for roaming, you will
not be able to return the license early. However, it will return automatically on the “return by” date, which is usually
30 days after checkout.
• You cannot just reinstall a newer release of the ExtendSim Server License Manager over an existing installation
of the Server's License Manager. First uninstall the License Manager from the Server as discussed under License Manager on a Server on page 2 of this document.
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