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Frequently Asked Questions • ExtendSim Floating Licenses RLM Already Installed
Case 2 • If the currently running version of RLM is earlier than release 12 - continued
Step 2 • Install the License Manager (RLM.exe) used by ExtendSim
1. Use the ExtendSimServerLicenseManager installer (obtained from an email, a download, or an ExtendSim 10 USB drive)
and follow its instructions to install the  les on the Server.
2. If you encounter security issues when installing, see Security Issues earlier in this document.
3. By default the installer creates a folder named ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer that is placed at the root of the
Server’s C drive (C:/ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer). The folder contains the RLM Svc folder and three  les:
extendsim.set, log le, and RLM.exe.
4. After installation, the License Manager (RLM.exe) silently runs in the background as a Service named ExtendSimLicServer. 5. Before proceeding, we suggest you verify that ExtendSimLicServer is running as a Service.
6. Copy the all the settings and license  les (but not RLM.exe) from the previous RLM server folder to the
ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer folder, which by default will be located at the root of the C drive. Step 3 • Activate the License Manager
1. Follow the instructions for Step 2 • Activate License Manager in the document Installing & Activating ExtendSim Floating Licenses.
2. Activation will either be automatic or manual.
3. Make a copy of the extendsim.lic  le for use in activating ExtendSim on each Client device.
• The extendsim.lic license  le will be located by default at C:/ExtendSimFloatingLicenseServer.
• If you subsequently edit the license  le, such as changing the ISV port, distribute the modi ed  le to the Clients. Step 4 • Install and Activate ExtendSim on Client devices
1. To install on Client devices, follow the instructions for Step 3 • Clients: Installing ExtendSim, in the document Installing & Activating ExtendSim Floating Licenses.
2. Then, to activate ExtendSim on Client devices, follow the instructions for Step 4 • Activating ExtendSim on Clients. Notes
Note 1 • What if I don’t know if RLM is already running on the Server?
If you installed the License Manager without following these instructions, the log  le will report something similar to:
(rlm) ...error binding UDP port 5053, port in use
(rlm) This is probably due to another copy of RLM running (rlm) While not fatal, this instance of RLM won’t respond (rlm) to broadcast requests.
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