SupportSupport Coverage

Technical support covers basic usage and troubleshooting questions such as:

Assistance for software download, installation, and setup.

General guidance regarding ExtendSim features and usage.

Referrals to example models and documentation to explain concepts and features.

Simple sample models on a limited basis.

Answering questions related to documentation or example models.

An overview of methods to achieve efficient and optimal model performance.

Basic assistance in troubleshooting unexpected model behavior.

For questions that indicate consulting or training assistance is needed (such as how to approach model building, a need for extensive model debugging, and help with writing or debugging custom code), we will refer you to the appropriate trainer and/or consultant.

For third-party applications that communicate with ExtendSim, we are glad to convey any knowledge that we have, but we cannot provide comprehensive support for another vendor's software.


buySupport Plans

To make sure you're successful, ExtendSim users receive 60 days of free technical support to help answer basic usage and troubleshooting questions.

The 60 day complimentary support period commences on the date of ExtendSim purchase or upgrade. After that, assistance from our support staff is available either under an Annual Maintenance & Support Plan or on a Per-Incident basis.


Annual Maintenance & Support Plan

Annual Maintenance & Support Plan

The annual ExtendSim Maintenance & Support Plan is a comprehensive package designed to meet the needs of all users - especially those with mission-critical applications based on ExtendSim solutions. It supports your software investment – helps you stay current, be more productive, and reduce costs. ExtendSim licenses with Maintenance enjoy these benefits:

Technical support for ExtendSim

Major upgrades to newer versions – shipped automatically upon release

The convenience of annual budgeting

The ExtendSim Maintenance Plan is offered as an annual contract, making support costs affordable and predictable over a 12-month period – enhancing long-range budgeting and planning for software and technology. (Being ahead of the game is always cool.) Combine this with no-cost upgrades shipped immediately upon release, you have the ultimate software maintenance program.

Maintenance Plans must be renewed on an annual basis to continue receiving support, upgrades, discounts, and other special offers. If you own a single-user ExtendSim license and have not yet purchased the Maintenance Plan, registered ExtendSim users can still add Maintenance within 60 days of the product purchase date. A Maintenance Plan is required for network licenses; it is optional for single user licenses.

All maintenance fees are payable in advance and non-refundable; shipping and handling charges for all releases are included.

Who can subscribe to an ExtendSim Maintenance Plan

Concurrent-user (network) licenses of ExtendSim – the annual Maintenance Plan for support and upgrades is required. For the first year, the Maintenance Plan is included in the price of the product; it must be renewed annually after the first year.

Single-user (stand alone) licenses of ExtendSim – an annual Maintenance Plan for support and upgrades is optional but highly recommended. When you purchase or upgrade ExtendSim (or within 60 days of that event), you have the option to purchase an ExtendSim Maintenance Plan. Each subsequent year, the registered end user or license administrator of the ExtendSim license will be notified by email that renewal of the Maintenance Plan is due. (Please keep us informed if there is a change in end user or license administrator as late or missed payments are subject to reinstatement fees.)

Maintenance Plan fees

buyThe annual fee for the Maintenance Plan is based on the ExtendSim package you are purchasing (both single user and network) or upgrading (single user only) and the number of users (network licenses only).

    ExtendSim CP ExtendSim AT ExtendSim Suite

Single User
Maintenance Plan
(price per license per year)
  $199 $499 $899
Part #: W430-ECP W432-EAT W433-ESX

Concurrent Users
Maintenance Plan
(price per user per year)
  $358 $918 $1758
Part #: W221-RNW W223-RNW W224-RNW

If you own multiple ExtendSim licenses, each license will need its own Maintenance Plan. Maintenance fees can be prorated so your renewal date is the same for each license and, hence, we can provide you with a combined invoice for all your licenses and a single CD containing software upgrades shipped to a single location within your company as specified by you.

Annual fees must be paid within 30 days of renewal date or the Maintenance Plan for that license is subject to reinstatement charges.

Reinstatement policy for late payment

Whether you purchase an ExtendSim Network License (which includes a mandatory Maintenance Plan) or the optional Maintenance Plan for a Single User License, you are committing to an annual fee to maintain support and upgrades for the software. There is a 30 day window from your anniversary date of purchase in which you must pay for the Plan's renewal. If payment is late or has lapsed for a period of time, reinstatement penalties will be incurred to maintain the license. In all cases of reinstatement, the Maintenance Plan will be back-dated to the original expiration date.

Note: Please be sure to keep us updated if your email address changes. To ensure you will be allowed to receive emails from us, please add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your address book or Internet Service Provider safe list. We are not responsible for returned or blocked emails.

Single user licenses

Up to 30 days after the expiration date.
No penalty.

Between 30 and 365 days past expiration.
The Maintenance Plan can be reinstated upon payment of a reinstatement surcharge of 15% of the renewal fee in addition to the annual Maintenance fee.

More than one year past its expiration date.
The license is subject to our published upgrade prices. A new Maintenance Plan may be purchased when the next upgrade is purchased.

Network Licenses

Up to 30 days after the expiration date.
No penalty.

Between 30 and 365 days past expiration.
The Maintenance Plan can be reinstated upon payment of a reinstatement surcharge of 15% of the renewal fee in addition to the annual Maintenance fee.

1 to 2 years past its expiration date.
The Maintenance Plan can be reinstated upon payment of a reinstatement surcharge of 50% of the renewal fee in addition to all past due Maintenance charges.

2 to 3 years past its expiration date.
After a 2-year lapse, the Maintenance Plan is terminated. We offer a 25% discount toward the purchase of an equivalent new license. A new Maintenance Plan will go into effect based on the new purchase date.

More than 3 years past its expiration date.
The Maintenance Plan is terminated. You must purchase a new license at list price.

Per-Incident SupportPer-Incident Support

(available for named, single-user licenses only)

Get help from ExtendSim support experts with troubleshooting and usage tips. No annual contract is needed; simply purchase support on a per-incident basis.

If a Maintenance Plan is NOT purchased for a single-user license:

The Imagine That Inc. support staff will provide complimentary technical assistance for installation questions or bug reports related to the current release.

The support staff will provide complimentary assistance for basic usage questions and troubleshooting for a limited time. This support expires 60 days after the purchase of a new product or upgrade. (A Maintenance Plan may be purchased during this period.)

For usage questions and troubleshooting after the first 60 days, purchase Technical Support on a Per-Incident basis; each incident is a discussion and resolution of one issue. Per-Incident Support can be purchased from the Imagine That Inc. sales staff or through the ExtendSim Store. Prices vary from US$80 to US$100.