The ExtendSim engine powers a growing family of simulation tools. Products are delineated by usage and type of simulation capability provided.

Full-Featured ExtendSim Simulation Tools

Single User and Network Developer Licenses

Get an in-depth look at the simulation tools that are building the future. Meet the family of tools that have helped change the way the world views simlulation.

Full-featured ExtendSim products have the same core set of capabilities. ExtendSim CP is the base package and is used for continuous modeling. Subsequent packages add modules have been designed for specific markets.


ExtendSim CPExtendSim CP

Continuous Process

ExtendSim base product and the cornerstone of the ExtendSim family of simulation tools. It has a set of core features that are included in all ExtendSim products, plus specialized constructs for modeling continuous processes.


ExtendSim ATExtendSim AT

Advanced Technology

Builds on the core simulation power in ExtendSim CP by adding an advanced message-based discrete event architecture plus discrete rate technology and capabilities. Use it to track and analyze the behavior of physical or logical entities when events cause them to change state or move through a system.


ExtendSim SuiteExtendSim Suite

Professional 3D environment

Adds next generation 3D animation technology to ExtendSim AT, providing a three-dimensional representation of the world of the model. The 3D environment is independent of, but integrated with, the logical model.

Limited ExtendSim Products

ExtendSim Demo and Analysis RunTime

Demo -- free download!

goThe ExtendSim Demo is an evaluation version of all ExtendSim products. Demo capabilities allow you to build, but not save small models, plus run models of any size for an unlimited time.

Run models of any size built in ExtendSim Suite, ExtendSim AT, or ExtendSim CP and view simulation results

Build (but not save) small models (75 blocks or less)

Change (but not save) parameters in any size model

Add or remove blocks and change connection lines in existing small models (75 blocks or less; additions and changes are not saved).

Create new blocks and save them in libraries

The free download includes ExtendSim example models, user manual, and video tutorials illustrating ExtendSim capabilities.

Although the following capabilities are available in the full version, with the Demo you cannot:

Save models you build.

Save changes to existing models.

Print model worksheets.

Use scripting or ActiveX automation to run or construct a model.

Demo example models

When you launch ExtendSim Demo, the Quick Start window appears. Use it to:

Learn how to run and build ExtendSim models through videos, example models, and tutorials.

Explore sample models discovering ExtendSim capabilities such as the built-in authoring environment, activity-based costing, hierarchy, optimization, ability to link to internal databases for data storage and management, resource management, 3D animation, etc.

Determine which ExtendSim product is right for you: ExtendSim Suite, ExtendSim AT, or ExtendSim CP.

As your evaluation progresses, ExtendSim Help is available at every step:

The ExtendSim User Guide and Developer Reference are available as electronic files.

ExtendSim help - in-product help such as block help and tool tips plus online FAQs and assistance from ExtendSim Support Personnel.

Networking with other ExtendSim simulationists through user forums, networks, and blogs.


The ExtendSim Demo is licensed only for your personal use on a single computer. A License Agreement restricts its use, deployment, and distribution. Among other restrictions, you may not install the ExtendSim Demo on a server, allow others to access its use or functionality, include the Demo on a CD or any other media, nor post the Demo online. Download pdfDownload the ExtendSim License Agreement for complete terms.

Analysis RunTime

Analysis RunTime

The ExtendSim Analysis RunTime license is a cost-effective way to access advanced ExtendSim functionality, without having to purchase the full version of ExtendSim. 

Use it to do one or all of the following:

Interactively run pre-built models, change settings and explore the results, view the animation, and save changes. (1)

Off-load time-intensive experiments, optimization, and analysis onto secondary computers. (1 , 2)

Remotely cause models to run on auxiliary computers and send data back and forth between computers and/or applications. (2 , 3)

Use it as a back-end application for a custom user interface that is also running on your computer (Use the ASP version to run simulations over an intranet or the Internet) (3)


Note the following:

1. Models must have been built in a Model Developer Edition (full version) of ExtendSim.

2. Requires one Analysis RunTime license per computer.

3. Running models remotely or using ExtendSim as a back-end application requires programming. ExtendSim has the hooks to allow it to be controlled as an Automation (ActiveX/COM) server. The language you use to program, such as Visual Basic, can use ActiveX/COM to control ExtendSim.

Capabilities and Limitations of the Analysis RunTime

There are no limits to the size of the model you can run in the Analysis RunTime, how many runs you can do, how long the runs are, or how long you can use the license (this is not an expiring type of license).

Change settings in any model, save the changes, print, import data, export data, run Optimization, and run Scenario Analysis.

The Analysis RunTime can call COM DLLs and use COM for control of/by other applications.

Limitations: The Analysis RunTime does not allow the building of models or of blocks, nor can one change the configuration of the model.

Buy nowPurchasing

Available for download through the ExtendSim Store for just $495 per license.

Other Products

Support Plans and Custom Licenses

Annual Maintenance & Support Plan

Maintenance & Support PlanMaintenance Plans cover basic usage questions and troubleshooting by our support staff as well as upgrades to major releases.

For concurrent-user (network) licenses of ExtendSim, an annual Maintenance Plan for support and upgrades is required. For the first year, the Maintenance Plan is included in the price of the product; it must be renewed annually after the first year. Maintenance Plans cover basic usage questions and troubleshooting by our support staff as well as upgrades to major releases.

For single-user (named) licenses of ExtendSim, an annual Maintenance Plan for support and upgrades is optional but highly recommended. To make sure you're successful, ExtendSim users are eligible for 60 days of free technical support to help answer preliminary technical support questions on ExtendSim tools. After the 60 day complimentary support period, assistance from our support staff is available either under the Annual Maintenance & Support Plan or on a Per-Incident basis.

ASP (Application Service Provider) / SaaS (Software as a Service)

ExtendSim ASP License

Enter data and obtain simulation results on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Linking a user-defined form with ExtendSim ASP, web-based analysis is easier than ever to access regardless of whether or not you have any simulation experience.

Imagine plant managers receiving comprehensible and immediate feedback on their tablet regarding line management as they walk the factory floor.

Or giving that same manager the ability to make a change on the fly based on results achieved from data entered into a simple form that greatly improves production output.

Or your sales rep pulling out their smartphone on a sales call to show a prospect their potentially improved bottom line if they use your product.

Using server-side modeling, clients will be able to access the full functionality of ExtendSim over an intranet or the internet via a user-defined form.

An ExtendSim ASP license is a great solution for organizations who:

Want the benefits and capabilities of simulation without deploying ExtendSim licenses to end users.

Prefer centralized control and management of ExtendSim models.

Choose to access the functionality of ExtendSim via an intranet or the internet.

Have few or no end users with simulation interest or expertise.

Prefer an Application Service Provider (ASP) or Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to software licensing.

The ExtendSim ASP license is typically used in combination with a front end interface (wrapper environment) developed either by the licensee organization or by a third party. The wrapper environment uses a COM interface to send data to ExtendSim, run a model, and retrieve results. It accesses the functionality of ExtendSim while presenting end users with a standardized front end, across multiple models, for data entry and the reporting of results. The combination of an ExtendSim ASP license with a wrapper environment has the advantages of remote access via the web, centralized feature updating, and lower or even non-existent learning curves for non-modelers.

Note: The licensee is responsible for developing any wrapper environment or front end interface.


The ExtendSim ASP license is priced per concurrent instance.

Prices start at $5000 per year. Please contact Imagine That Inc. for a personalized quote based on your intended usage.


Check our ASP FAQs.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

OEM LicenseThe OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license is for system builders who want to embed the simulation power of ExtendSim or ExtendSim technologies within their own applications. This license gives you the customized right to use and/or sell your product bundled with ExtendSim or ExtendSim technologies under your branded name.


Please contact Imagine That Inc. for a personalized quote based on your intended usage.