Programming in ExtendSim


Programming in ExtendSim
Programming in ExtendSim
Mon, 7. October 2019 - Wed, 9. October 2019
Knoxville Training Site - Knoxville, TN


Create custom components in the ExtendSim development environment plus learn how to maximize usage of equation-based blocks. ExtendSim provides both an internal programming language and API. These two integrated features allow you to create custom modules and capabilities for ExtendSim, including accessing code written in external languages.

This two-and-a half day workshop covers the common uses and features of the ExtendSim programming language (ModL), as well as the mechanics of block creation. In this course, you will learn:

ModL code overview

ModL structure, system variables, and global variables

Creating a custom block, with icon, connectors, tabbed dialog, and Help text

Using common predefined functions

Understanding messages and message handlers

Understanding the continuous & discrete event architecture

Working with event posting code

Adding animation to block dialogs, block icons, and hierarchical blocks

Interacting with dialog items and database tables

Tips for enhancing block dialogs and capabilities

Problem solving using the Source Code Debugger

Students start by building an ExtendSim block and storing it in a library. During the course, you will add features to the ExtendSim block as you delve deeper into the development environment. After taking this course, you should have sufficient knowledge to create custom components and features in ExtendSim.

This course is designed for Engineers, Managers, System Analysts, and anyone else who wants to learn how to create custom components and features in ExtendSim.


Prerequisites and Certification Option

Essential ExtendSim Training, or, on instructor approval, a comparable proficiency is required. Familiarity with programming concepts and terminology (C++ recommended).

At the completion of this course AND the Database Modeling Techniques course, students are certified as an ExtendSim Professional Modeler.

Pricing & Registration

$1600 for the 2.5 day workshop.
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Course Materials

Laptop computer for each student's use

Course manual with case studies

Solution files for all exercises

Certificate of Completion


Knoxville Training Site
United States