Database Techniques


Database Techniques
Database Techniques
Mon, 4. November 2019 - Thu, 7. November 2019
Knoxville Training Site - Knoxville, TN


"In the Database Techniques course," Trainer Robin Clark states, "I want to go so far as to use it to teach people how to build models like I do. I'll teach all of the database tricks that I have learned over the years. And at this level, I think it would be interesting even for people who have been using ExtendSim for a long time."

You will not only learn how to use ExtendSim internal relational databases, but how to structure a database of your own model. Plus, use the database to develop really advanced constructs you NEVER knew were possible.

You'll get fairly indepth into the programming of equation-based blocks in this class, but will not be creating any custom blocks.

The focus is on creating and using internal ExtendSim databases, but other data exchange and storage capabilities will also be discussed. You will learn about:

Creating ExtendSim databases

Database design

Data management methods

Internal data storage techniques

Dynamic linking between an ExtendSim database and data

Establishing Parent/Child relationships

Basic to advanced blocks for data management

Blocks for data exchange

User interfaces for data exchange

Using the Excel Add-In for ExtendSim databases

Database address attributes

Queue Equation & Query Equation block usage

This course is designed for Engineers, Managers, System Analysts, and anyone else who wants to learn how to manage data and maximize the usage of databases in ExtendSim.


Prerequisites and Certification Option

Essential ExtendSim Training, or, on instructor approval, a comparable proficiency is required. It will also be beneficial to be comfortable with the database concept.

At the completion of this course AND the Programming course, students are certified as an ExtendSim Professional Modeler.

Pricing & Registration

$2500 for the 4 day workshop.
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Course Materials

Laptop computer for each student's use

Course manual with case studies

Solution files for all exercises

Certificate of Completion


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