Transitioning to ExtendSim 10


Transitioning to ExtendSim 10
Transitioning to ExtendSim 10
Tue, 6. November 2018, 10:00am - 11:00am


Register NowMake a smooth transition to ExtendSim 10. Join this free, live webinar and learn the primary differences you should be aware of as you transition from ExtendSim 9 to ExtendSim 10. Primary topics will include:

ExtendSim 10 product line & license types

Installing, launching, and activating ExtendSim 10

Dockable toolbars, tear off menus, and notebook windows

Adding and connecting blocks, plus connection lines

Fastest vs multi-threaded run modes

Introduction to the Chart library

Introduction to the Report library

Announcing the Reliability module

Transitioning existing ExtendSim models to ExtendSim 10

Transitioning custom ExtendSim blocks to ExtendSim 10

64-bit app

Quick Start Guides, Tutorial & Reference guides, and videos 

And more…

Register now for this hour-long webinar on Tuesday, November 6 beginning at 10 am PST to ensure your smooth transition to ExtendSim 10.