ExtendSim training courses are available in one of our regional locations, through a certified ExtendSim Trainer, or even on-site at your facility. We have the flexibility to train virtually anywhere.

Multiple times throughout the year, beginning through advanced public in-person and online instructor-led training sessions are held in various locations around the world. Plus, online courses

If you anticipate sending 3 or more employees to a public or online training course, you may want to consider on-site training. Courses can be scheduled at your convenience and in your facilities (anywhere in the world) as a privately held on-site training. We will send one of our authorized expert instructors to your site (with student laptops) for an intensive, hands-on, training. Plus, with on-site courses, there is the option to tailor the training to your environment and situation-specific needs.

See the complete course list to learn more details.