It is always highly recommended to use the most current release of any software tool – as is the case with ExtendSim. Current releases take advantage of hardware and software advances and interact more appropriately with other new software packages. Plus, the current release of ExtendSim 10 can run models that were built in ExtendSim 9, 8, and 7.

However, there are reasons you might need to use a legacy ExtendSim product:

If ExtendSim 10 has not yet been approved for use by your company or organization.

Your collaboration team is still using ExtendSim 9 and you are working towards transitioning them to 10.

ExtendSim 10 was released October 2018, relegating ExtendSim 9 to legacy status. The final update of ExtendSim 9 was 9.3.1 on October 28, 2019 and there will be no further ExtendSim 9 updates. ExtendSim 9 is no longer supported and we cannot guarantee that it will run on future operating systems based on unforeseen OS modifications.

If you would still like to purchase this legacy software, please choose the package you wish to purchase:

Please contact Imagine That Inc. if you have questions about ExtendSim legacy products.