You might see this happening if you're running ExtendSim on a Windows OS version prior to 8.1.

To correct this:

Right-click on your desktop

Go to Display Settings

Scroll down to Scale and Layout and Change the size of text, apps, and other items to 100%.

If each time you click a Help button in a block dialog you get the same Help content regardless of which block you are in, you might be encountering an issue with cached information not getting updated properly. To resolve this:

Navigate to the AppData folder at c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\QTProject\Assistant.

Delete the entire Assistant folder that contains cached information.

Relaunch ExtendSim. The Assistant folder will be recreated in AppData as an empty folder. At this point, your Help system should be working better.

There are two reasons why ExtendSim would be installed on a device, but the ExtendSim application does not appear in Settings > Apps > Apps and Features:

If ExtendSim was installed to the end user's account by an Administrator. In that case, the End User can launch ExtendSim (usually from the list of apps in the Start menu) and use it as normal. However, they will not be able to uninstall ExtendSim. The app will appear in Apps and Features when the Admin logs in, so the Admin can uninstall it.

If ExtendSim was uninstalled while the application is open. In that case, ExtendSim will not launch correctly, but will instead give an error message about missing documents. Also, the two folders that contain ExtendSim files will have some files missing (the ones that weren't in use when the app was uninstalled). Since the app has been "uninstalled", just delete the two folders: Documents\ExtendSim and Program Files\ExtendSim.

When ExtendSim is installed, two ExtendSim folders are created. By default one folder is placed in Program Files and the other is placed in Documents. There are two reasons why one or both of those folders are left after you uninstall ExtendSim:

The installer can't uninstall files it didn't install. After installation, ExtendSim creates various files (ExtendSimDocPath.txt, a license file, etc.) Also, you may have created models and libraries and saved them to the ExtendSim folder. When ExtendSim is uninstalled, only the files that were originally installed get deleted.

The installer doesn't know if an ExtendSim folder has been moved after installation. For example, it cannot remove any of the files in an ExtendSim folder that was moved from the Admin's Documents folder to the end-user's Documents folder.

For complete instructions on uninstalling ExtendSim from your device, please see Uninstalling an Individual license of ExtendSim.

This might happen if you are using ExtendSim 10.0.7. The application development framework used by ExtendSim had a bug in their software that could cause pictures/images on model worksheets to disappear. They have fixed the bug and future releases of ExtendSim will use the corrected version of their software.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this in 10.0.7. To obtain an alpha (pre-release) version of ExtendSim that corrects this issue, contact ExtendSim Support if you need help with this.