Individual Licenses

Yes. Be sure that:

The virtual machine has the correct permissions so that ExtendSim can be installed without security issues.

The location where user-modifiable files will be installed has read-write access so ExtendSim can read the license file and the end user can open, run, and save models.


Note: The Trial version of ExtendSim cannot be installed on a virtual machine or on a Macintosh running Windows through Parallels or similar emulator. Only activated licenses will run on VMs.

No. Both releases can be installed on the same device. In fact, we suggest you don’t uninstall ExtendSim 9 until you’ve finished converting your files to 10.

How you update your license depends on which product and release you are currently using. Choose About ExtendSim under the Help menu to open the ExtendSim start up screen. The bar at the top shows you which ExtendSim release you are using. If it does not say ExtendSim 10.0.7, you should download the most current release.


Update to 10.0.7Updating from ExtendSim 10.0.4 or later...
If you are currently using 10.0.4 or later of ExtendSim Pro, DE, CP, Student, or Analysis RunTime, download the updater to ExtendSim 10.0.7.


Updating from ExtendSim Pro, DE, or CP 10.0.3, 10.0.2, 10.0.1, or 10.0.0...
The Trial version of ExtendSim is the updater. Download the appropriate newer release of the Trial version of ExtendSim 10:

go ExtendSim Pro 10.0.7 | go ExtendSim DE 10.0.7 | go ExtendSim CP 10.0.7

Install the Trial version OVER the current installation using the same name and installing to the same location as the current installation. This updates ExtendSim without affecting the license file. When you restart ExtendSim, you will be running 10.0.7.

Note: If you subsequently launch ExtendSim and get a message that the license has not been activated, it means that you have not installed over the current installation but in fact have two installations of ExtendSim. Uninstall the update and reinstall it so that it replaces the files at the current location.


Updating from ExtendSim Student or Analysis RunTime 10.0.3, 10.0.2, 10.0.1, or 10.0.0...
If you are using ExtendSim Student or Analysis RunTime released prior to 10.0.4, contact Imagine That Inc. to obtain the newer release.


This free update of ExtendSim 10 not only optimizes the stability and quality of ExtendSim, but adds a couple of new features.

goQuality and Stability Enhancements in ExtendSim 10.0.7update fixes

1. The renewal date for your license’s Maintenance and Support Plan (MSP) is shown on the ExtendSim startup screen (Help > About ExtendSim). Prior to the renewal date, the application will occasionally present a reminder message upon launch.

2. MSP can be renewed in the ExtendSim Store or by contacting Imagine That Inc. or local ExtendSim Distributor.

3. After renewing the MSP, your license file (extendsim.lic) will need to be updated and reactivated. After we notify you that the change has been made and the license has been updated, you will need to reactivate your license. See the document titled Reactivating • Individual & Node-Locked Licenses for more details.

Note: Not applicable to Analysis Runtime or Student licenses.

Moving ExtendSim from one device to another works the same as for most applications.

First, make copies of your ExtendSim models, any custom blocks, etc.

Remove the license from the previous device using the Help > Revoke License command (or the Help > Deactivate ExtendSim command if prior to ExtendSim 10.0.5).

Then follow the instructions to Uninstall an Individual License of ExtendSim.

Install ExtendSim on the new device by downloading the appropriate Trial version.

Paste your model files, etc. from the previous device to the new installation of ExtendSim.

Launch ExtendSim on the new device and activate it using the same Activation Key you used for your initial installation. (If for some reason you weren’t able to deactivate ExtendSim on the previous device, you will get an error message stating your Activation Key is already in use on another device. In this case, contact Imagine That Inc.)

1. Before uninstalling ExtendSim, be sure to revoke the license using the Help > Revoke License command (or the Help > Deactivate ExtendSim command if prior to 10.0.5)..

2. Use the Windows Settings > Apps and Features to uninstall ExtendSim.

3. Then delete the two folders: Documents\ExtendSim and Program Files\ExtendSim. (These two folder are left after uninstalling because their contents were created after installation so the uninstaller doesn't know about them.)

Since you will probably not be able to access the internet to automatically activate ExtendSim, follow the instructions for Manual Activation of ExtendSim in the Installing & Activating • Individual Licenses document.

When you click the Save Activation Info as Text File and generate the text file ExtendSim Activation Info.txt, copy its information and email it to

When we email back the license file extendsim.lic, copy or print the contents of that license file.

Using the information from the license file, create a text file on the secure device (use Notepad or right-click on the desktop to create a new text document).

Name the text file on the secure computer extendsim.lic.

Place it in the folder that contains the user-modifiable files (by default, UserName\Documents\ExtendSim).

Restart ExtendSim.

Reactivation is required under the following circumstances:

The Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) has been renewed.

The maximum number of Reliability Event Cycles has been increased.

You've migrated to a different ExtendSim product (e.g. from DE to Pro).

The license is being upgraded to a newer release of ExtendSim (e.g. from release 10 to release 11).

DO NOT reactivate ExtendSim if you are merely updating to an incremental release of ExtendSim (e.g. from 10.x to 10.y).

For complete details on reactivating, see the document titled Reactivating • Individual & Node-Locked Licenses.